Ursula Elaine Campbell
29 Years Old

October 27, 1969 to March 25, 1998

Ursula is my only child. Her father and I divorced when she was 2 years of age, and she became my constant companion. We went to movies, restaurants, libraries, churches, parks, Grandma and Grandpa's, malls (Oh did we shop!) and everywhere in between. I frequently called her "Mommy's Baby" and when she grew older she signed "Mommy's Baby" on all the notes or cards that she sent me.

I did not receive one negative report about her behavior or effort throughout her schooling. She attended public elementary school in a Buffalo, NY suburb, and a private high school in Buffalo. She received a New York Regents' diploma when she graduated. She attended a college in Virginia, and graduated with a marketing degree. She was not anxious to go away to college, and it was difficult for both of us. I missed her terribly, but she flew home during every weekend.

After graduation, she went to Atlanta, Georgia to visit a good friend whom she met the day I took her to college. She loved it, and decided to move there. My daughter never shied away from work. Her first job was at an Atlanta department store. She continued to work jobs with hourly wages until she began her first salaried position where she advanced to International Sales Representative. She traveled to Germany while with that company. She was a conscientious and competent worker, and she had positive relationships with her co-workers and superiors.

As a young child, she loved fragrances and cosmetics which probably led her to her next job. She became Assistant Manager of a specialty shop. Another advancement came, and she became manager of an internationally recognized specialty fragrance/cosmetics shop. She had been with this company for only three months when she was murdered. The company's sales increased from last in the United States to third from the top under her leadership in those three months. She was wonderful with customers, and expected the same from people whom she supervised. It seemed that she had found her niche when he murdered her.

I relocated from Buffalo one year after Ursula moved to Atlanta. We visited each other often and continued our great times together. When I visited her, she would have a list of things that we just had to do. When she visited me in the small town where I now live, she rested and relaxed. And we laughed whenever we were together. She had a wonderful sense of humor. Her friends still quote some of her humorous comments. She referred to herself as a petite, delicate flower, although she was 5'9" and weighed about 135 pounds. She visited me twelve days before her death. She always brought her cats when she visited. And when we talked by telephone, she would put the telephone to their ears so I could talk to them, too. She taught me to love animals as much as she did. She once told me that the only mistake that I made during her childhood was not allowing her to have pets. She also told me that she kept me young, and no I know that was true.


I miss my daughter. She was my life. He should be found guilty of two murders, hers and mine.

She met the accused while in college in Virginia; he was a student at a nearby college. He left the college, and she had no further contact with him until an accidental meeting in Atlanta approximately two years after she had relocated there. I remember that she was thrilled that they had met again. They began dating again. It appears that as she became successful, he became irresponsible. She assisted and supported him until she finally decided that she had done all she could. That is when she told him that she was ending the relationship. She did not foresee what was about to happen because he led her to believe that he agreed with her decision. He has confessed to murdering her.

My daughter was murdered May 25, 1998 in Decature, Georgia. The accused and confessed murderer is being held in Decature jail without bail. The trial date has not been set. My daughter was ending a relationship with the accused. He murdered her two days before she was scheduled to move

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