Tara Rose Wilbourne
25 Years Old

January 15, 1973 to November 16, 1998

Tara Rose Wilbourne was the loving mother of 5-year-old Amber Rose Wilbourne and loving daughter of Earl and Lois Wilbourne. Tara, a devoted Christian, got up the courage in July of 1996 to leave her abusive husband. A single mother out on her own, she managed to put herself through Hagerstown Business College, where she graduated with a degree as a paralegal. Tara got a job as a paralegal and was able to buy a house for her and her little girl. She had so much to be proud of.

Her estranged husband William Trampus Widmyer drug out the divorce till February 1998. Tara had moved on with her life, and was raising her beautiful little girl by herself. Trampus was infatuated with Tara, and this made him very upset that he couldn't control her anymore.

Then on November 16, 1998, Trampus, the coward that he was, snuck up outside Tara's living room window, where she lay sleeping, and shot her four times with a deer rifle, killing her while Amber lay sleeping upstairs. Thank God Amber did not wake up and come downstairs and find her mother.

William Trampus Widmyer was found guilty of first degree murder and various other charges, and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Earl and Lois Wilbourne have adopted their granddaughter and live with emptiness in their heart.


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