Tameca N. Dunbar
32 Years Old

May 25, 1973 to September 23, 2005

Tameca was a beautiful young lady inside and out when she walked in a room, the room lit up with her presence. Tameca loved to go to the beach, loved to sing and loved being a mother.Tameca was a wonderful mother she left behind three beautiful children, Dawnielle, Deondray II, and Kennedy. Tameca’s five year old daughter asked that a letter be written to her deceased mother; in the letter one sentence describes how much Tameca loved her children. The sentence read, “My mommy is going to miss me.” Tameca’s oldest daughter did not say she is going to miss her mommy but rather her mommy is going to miss her. How profound those words are, out of the mouths of children! Not only was Tameca a wonderful mother, she was also, an exceptional daughter, step-daughter, sister, step-sister, cousin, niece, aunt, and friend to many.

Tameca was a graduate of Georgia State University. Tameca used her degree to touch many lives, below are two quotes from lives Tameca touched.

“I had the pleasure of working with Tameca as part of a Fulton County Babies Can’t Wait evaluation team. Tameca was one of the best service coordinators I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She was so cheerful and kind, and very committed to the families that she served. Her loss is a great one to the entire Babies Can’t Wait team, and to all of us who knew and worked with her."

“I am shocked and saddened to learn of Tameca’s death. She was the service coordinator for my son Calvin. Despite her heavy caseload she spent a lot of time and effort making sure my son was receiving all the help he needed. My son and our family will be forever impacted by her care and attention to his needs. Additionally, she knew my family was going through a difficult time and she spent extra time talking with me whenever she visited. She was a lovely, caring person and I am greatly impacted by both knowing her and learning of her death.”

Tameca’s place in her family and friends hearts will always be there, the void Tameca left can never be filled. Tameca left a host of loved ones who loved her unconditionally, her mother Dawn, her father Donald, her brother Ricky, her sister Dominique, and her children Dawnielle, Deondray II, and Kennedy plus many more family members and friends. We miss you Tameca!


Tameca and one of her daughters, were leaving out their front door to go to work and school when Tameca opened the front door to a man with a gun. He told them to go back inside. Tameca fell to the ground and said she did not want to die. Tameca’s daughter tried to hold her mother up as she fell to the floor but Tameca fell down anyway. Tameca, her daughter and the murderer went back inside her home. The murderer told Tameca’s daughter to go into her room and close the door but Tameca screamed, “No go into the bathroom and lock the door,” She did as she was told. Then the murderer took Tameca into her bedroom and closed the door.

Tameca’s daughter stayed in the bathroom for a long time and then came out because she got hot, the murderer and Tameca screamed to go back inside the bathroom once again she followed instructions. This time she stayed in the bathroom until she was instructed to come out by a person who came by the house. The person looked and called for Tameca but when there was no answer the person took her and ran out of the house and called the police. When the police arrived they found Tameca’s body in her bedroom lying in her bed covered up with her comforter. Tameca’s hands were tied behind her back, she had been strangled.

As of May 15, 2006 Tameca’s murder is unsolved.

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Tameca Dunbar