Susan Helms Gehring
35 Years Old

March 1, 1962 to February 15, 1998

Susie was born March 1st, 1962 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The family then moved to Seattle, Washington. Her lifelong love of horses was already well known by the time she was six. When asked if she wanted a baby sister or brother, her reply was, "a horse". A short time later, the family (including a brother, not a horse, much to Susie's consternation) relocated to Racine, Wisconsin. Here, she attended Concordia Lutheran Grade School and Racine Lutheran High School. She was active in school as a cheerleader and in running hurdles on the track team. In addition to this, Susie was a member of the Racine Aquatic Club where she excelled as a swimmer. She competed in several beauty contests, winning once.

Upon graduation from high school, Susie moved to Dallas, Texas to attend Miss Wade's School of Fashion where she received an associates degree in Fashion Merchandising. She was a talented interior decorator and did quite a bit of refinishing work on her own furniture. Shortly thereafter, she was able to fulfill a dream of hers when she bought her first horse. She learned to scuba dive and began alternating her vacations between skiing trips to New Mexico and diving trips to various places in the Gulf of Mexico. As most young people do, Susie moved several times. She was fortunate to have chosen great roommates who shared her interests in decorating and helped her make the apartment feel like "home". She enjoyed entertaining and always made every guest feel welcome.

Professionally, Susie held several different positions, finally settling to work at McKesson, where she became a national account manager. She was a dedicated and hard worker, gaining the praise of all who had contact with her, including supervisors, co-workers, and clients. She approached each day with a smile and genuine enthusiasm that was contagious.


Susie was killed on February 15, 1998 by Bobby Ray Fields at the house they had shared in Carroll County, Texas. The gun used was the property of a long time mistress of Mr. Fields who claimed no prior knowledge of his intentions when the gun was loaned to him. Susie and a friend had returned to the house to retrieve the last of Susie's belongings as she prepared to begin a new life free from the emotional and physical abuse of Mr. Fields. Both she and her friend were killed before Mr. Fields turned the gun on himself. Curiously, the case is considered "closed", yet information is difficult to obtain, with law enforcement keeping her family at arm's length.

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Susan Gehring