Stephen R. Brewer

32 Years Old

November 10, 1964 to October 13, 1997

My son Stephen “Steve” Russell Brewer was 32 years old and the youngest of five children. His friends gave him the name of Bru because his favorite things to do was watch sports (any kind of sports), on TV. and drink beer with friends. As he got older, he was looking forward to getting married and having a family. He started going to church and had gotten engaged. He loved his nieces and nephews and spending time with them.

In his grade and high school years, Steve played all sports and one of his favorites was dirt bike racing. He won many ribbons and trophies. He loved to hunt and fish: those were his favorite outdoor sports and pastimes. He did landscaping and installing sprinkler systems for work and he loved his work.

When Steve got out of high school, he went to community college and was going to be a policeman but dropped out, always saying he was going back.

Steve left behind family and friends who love and miss him very much.


My son Stephen R. Brewer was 32 years old when found in the street having convulsions. He stopped breathing on the way to the hospital. He was put on life-support but the convulsions worsened, so he was taken off. The doctors said there was no brain activity but when my daughter and I talked to him, there were tears running down his cheeks. My grandson thought that Steve squeezed his hand. The hospital and police thought it was a drug overdose.

When I found out Steve was brain-dead, I said I wanted an autopsy done. I did not find out until two weeks later that an autopsy was not done. I went to Dr. Amend three different times about an autopsy. He did not think one needed to be done. I went to Dr. Lindholm who performed the autopsy. He said death was due to cystic pineal gland.

I think it was a hate crime. There were so many unanswered questions about the case. I thought something was going to happen to my oldest son and it really did because it happened on his birthday, October 11th.

About three months after Steve died, I was going to hire a private investigator to take the case. Three or four days later, when I called him back, he said “Leave it alone because it is bad.” He told me the next day that after he talked to me, he got a threat on his life. He only had one case he was working on and that was my son’s case. Now, I am trying to get the case re-opened but due to the autopsy, I might not be able to.

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Stephen Brewer