Stacie Lynn Reed
16 Years Old

August 21, 1982 to January 29, 1999

Stacie was murdered on January 29, 1999, in our home in Manassas, VA., by an acquaintance of hers who was 21 years old. His name is Paul Warner Powell. He had a record of auto theft, bad checks, and contributing to minors. He liked to hang out with young girls and had been in trouble from the age of 11 years. He came to the house when he knew us, the parents, would not be home. We believe he was after Stacie because she was dating a black youth. Stacie and he got into an argument about her boyfriend, and a fight broke out in her bedroom. He found out real quick he could not control her and the situation became violent. He pulled a knife and stabbed Stacie. We believe she was trying to get out of the house. She was found by her sister after she came home from school in her sister's bedroom. He waited for her sister to come home from school. He killed Stacie at approximately 1:00 pm. Her sister came home around 3:15 pm. He had waited for her in our home all that time. He stated he was going to take a shower and change clothes. After her sister arrived home, he was waiting. She found Stacie. He made her go to our basement and attacked her. He strangled her, raped her, stabbed her twice in the stomach, cut both wrists and cut her throat 7 to 8 times. She was left for dead. He did not want witnesses. However, Stacie's sister survived the attack and has no disabilities from the attack. He never hit a vital organ or a vein. She has the scars and some recollection of the attack, but will not remember most of it because she was unconscious through the attack itself. He was captured approximately 6 hours later trying to get out of town. There are 12 counts against him. He is charged with capital murder and we will pursue the death penalty. Our court date it tentatively set for January 24, 2000. Stacie's anniversary date is 1.29.2000. Looks like we will be in court at that time and can't grieve for our loved one. We will once again relive this nightmare.

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Stacie Reed