Shannon Nicole Brown

"Thom, Shan, Brownie, Brown....Shan"

17 Years Old
July 10, 1987 to August 26, 2004

Simple but elegant...this was Shannon Nicole Brown. Shannon was not into the “flash and dash” most people are today; except maybe with her silver 2001 Mercury Cougar with rims and an unbelievable sound system. Shannon babied her car as much as we babied her.

Shannon touched everyone's life whom she encountered. She was always above the rest, never in a negative sense, ensuring those who could not take care of themselves were taken care of by her. She always came to the rescue of the less-fortunate and clearly demonstrated her spiritual and family beliefs. She was “there” for anyone, regardless of a person’s religion, race, job status, gender, etc….she loved everyone. Shannon is admired and missed by her peers and adults alike.

Shannon was an Honor Roll student throughout most of her school years and her strong desire to attend medical school was evident of her striving to be the best she could be. Her future dreams of helping others always kept her going. Shannon was a senior in high school and had applied to Florida State and a number of other excellent schools to fulfill her dreams.

From Shannon’s beauty, joyful personality, outspokenness, honesty and ability to forgive those who hurt her, she was an example for all to follow. These traits contributed greatly to her being a strong and compassionate friend, whether on the soccer field as defensive back and team comic, in the classroom or in society. She was articulate and clearly expressed herself with the most educated. She knew she was not perfect but never stopped striving to be the best she could be.

Unfortunately, Shannon’s enormous heart and faith in God brought-about her early reunion with Jesus. Her death was preventable and is attributable to jealousy and greed. Let us not forget the inability of those around Shannon to get involved. The signs were there and sometimes, I feel we were the only ones who saw them. She never hesitated to give a hand but no one outside her household came to her rescue. This is now our fight and we try to educate others on the direct causes of this preventable tragedy.

There is much for which we are thankful. God gave us 17 years of unbelievable joy before taking Shannon Home. As we taught Shannon, she taught us; most of all, to have forgiveness and to always have faith...that is even more important now with our unbearable loss which our family at Grace Lutheran Church is helping us to bear. We will see our baby again soon. Shannon has been and will always be our inspiration and she is helping watch-over us and guides us all. With her guidance, we will help others to prevent this type of tragedy from happening to another person.

We love you, Shannon and we will always have you in our hearts and dreams…..


Shannon had an “on-again, off-again” relationship with Chasen Schied for approximately four years.

On August 26th, 2004 at 8PM, Shannon was relieved from work at Hampton Inn at Crestview, Florida where she was a front desk clerk.

Shannon and a good friend J.A. went to a local car wash to wash her car. Chasen followed them and proceeded to “bait” her into a fight. He grabbed and slammed her head into the wall. J.A. intervened and forced Chasen to depart. Chasen returned about 15 minutes later, brandishing a 9mm hand gun and yelling “You want to play games now?” and shot her in the chest. The single shot pierced her “S” medallion (about 12” from the top of the head), entered the chest and severed the main artery of the heart and exited her back (about 16” from the top of the head), killing her instantly.

A number of minutes later, Chasen shot himself in the head, taking “the easy way out.”

Medical staff pronounced Shannon dead at approximately 9:45PM.

We went to the emergency room to face an eerie sight...not from a death and gore perspective but the fact that it appeared that Shannon was smiling and at ease.

Chasen was still alive but beyond medical help. He looked like he was in real anguish. He was pronounced dead at approximately 10:30PM the same day.

The police investigation is on-going.

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Shannon Nicole Brown