Sean Burgado
29 Years Old

June 7, 1967 to May 19, 1997

Sean Burgado was my precious nephew. Sean was murdered on May 19, 1997. His case is still unsolved. Sean and I did many things together. He helped me with housework for a little extra money. He worked as a baker at Haleanuenue - a convelascent home. He and I were talking about going into a fruit cake business just before he was murdered.

Sean was struggling financially. His car broke down many times. He came to eat at my house and my mother's house (paternal grandmother) many times. His job was not paying very much. He had been working only one year just before his death. His boss was going to keep Sean permanently at the job because he worked very hard and had many new ideas at baking.

Sean's grandmother, Marie Burgado, died of a broken heart for Sean on April 11, 1998 - one month short of Sean's anniversary death. Now we are mourning for two deaths.

He loved many different sports and watched sports on TV with his friend Ronnie. Sean had a special place in my heart. My heart is heavy for Sean now. POMC has helped me a lot by giving me moral support. The organization has kept me abreast of many others who have lost their children to murder, too. It is very vital to help POMC with funding, so that they can provide us with services and programs to help us. Please help POMC.

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Sean Burgado