Scott Herman Shults
19 Years Old

June 22, 1980 to January 10, 2000

Scott or "Scotty" as we called him for he was the baby of our family of three children, the last born, to Philip C. and Cynthia L. Shults, was a brilliant star in the face of any darkness. He could take a situation and find humor in it to help you through.

He was a good baby and always was not far behind his big brother, even in his death.

Scott H. Shults, 19, after facing the death of his older and only brother Craig, who was shot in the back and killed, wrote us all a last letter on January 10, 2000. The letter said, "I am sorry for the choice I am making, but I cannot live here on this earth without the advice of my big brother, Craig. I love every one and thank you all for everything". He then, through his own insanity of pain, stuck a .12 gauge shotgun to his neck and pulled the trigger, instantly killing him and ridding him of his own pain over the loss of his only brother in life.

Scott was at home on the river. He loved to canoe. He was in his element on or near the rivers that ran through his home state. He was an outdoorsman. One of the best outdoor companions I ever knew. If you were to be going to the river or to the woods, Scott Shults was a best choice for a partner who could survive with ease, and who could appreciate the moments, enjoy it, and also make it enjoyable. All who knew him can testify to this about Scott. He sure loved to trout fish!

Scott was in welding school in Oklahoma at the time he died of suicide. He was making some of the best grades this school can give. He was a good welder. One of the best I ever met! He loved the outdoors. He loved to fish. He was a fisherman. He was one of the best fishermen I ever met! He loved animals and took good care of his raccoon dog, Abby. Scott and I and his dog had many good times together in Mother Nature's garden of gifts.

Scott grew up in Rolla, Missouri with his family and he had many, many friends. We all miss Scott. We all miss this wonderful young man's companionship. He left many friends. Over 750 attended his funeral and when he died he only had two dollars in his pocket, but was rich in other ways! He was a good man and had so much to look forward to. If not for the killing of his brother, and then Scott, his family could have had a happy life. I have seen the seriousness of his grief in the aftermath, and parents should look to his death and learn. His death must not be in vain. Scott Shults is loved still today by his friends and family. We will never get over the death of Scott. His life, that is gone, has left so much of a void. Scott is missed. He is still loved so much. Scott, you were a good-hearted human being that I was proud to get to know. He will be here beside his big brother, Craig, on the Murder Wall, as he is beside him at our family's cemetery, and in Heaven.

Scott, we love you and miss you.

'Til Later
Your father, Philip

In loving memory of Scott H. Shults, 6/22/80 to 1/10/00

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Scott Schults