Rosetta Malinda (Linda) Reeder
19 Years Old

January 31, 1966 to November 17, 1985

Linda (Lin) was a beautiful, cheerful, nineteen year old young woman. She had worked to buy her own clothes and have her own spending money since she was 15 years old. When Lin was murdered, she was assistant manager at Jeans West Clothing Store in Killeen Mall. She had an awesome outgoing nature and love for people - and a wonderful forgiving heart. People very seldom ever saw her depressed, even through the times she was being terribly mentally and physically abused by her spouse.

She always had a smile on her face and something cheerful to say. Her favorite color was blue, and her favorite food was Italian (she was of Italian descent). Her favorite outfit was an old pair of blue jeans with holes in the knees that she wore with a dressy top and shoes. She attended Killeen High School, Killeen Texas, and always made good grades. Her plans were to attend Central Texas College beginning the 1986 spring semester. Her senior year of high school, she had attended modeling school, and still had ambitions of becoming a model. She had such a pretty voice, and loved to sing and play around with recording equipment we had at home.

Lin was the oldest of three girls, and very independent and responsible. She was living at home with her mom, Shelah, and her two sisters, Anna and Theresa, when she was murdered. She was born in Huntington, West Virginia, but she was her mommy's Yellow Rose of Texas. Even though this short biography is written in past tense, Lin is very much alive. She lives in the mind, heart and soul of her mom, dad, sisters, other family members and friends. God was gracious to loan her to us for nineteen years, and we are forever grateful. The future holds a grand reunion day!


On November 14, 1985, Linda was abducted from the Killeen Mall parking lot in Killeen, Texas by her ex-husband, David Dario Lozano. Lin had been horribly mentally and physically abused by David, and she was still afraid of him. He had asked her to have lunch with him in the mall to talk some things over, but Lin had second thoughts. She called and made an excuse to cancel the luncheon engagement. David then asked Lin to meet him in the mall parking lot for a minute, because he had something to show her. David forced her into his truck and raced out of the parking lot. She was fighting to get away from him as he drove across four lanes of traffic, through an empty lot onto a side street about two blocks from the mall. She jumped out of the truck, as he swerved across the side street. David then lost total control of the vehicle, ran over a mailbox, drove into a closed garage door of a home, ramming the residence auto into the living area of the home. He scrambled out of the truck on the passenger side (the broken garage door had the driver's side of the truck blocked). Lin broke her ankle when she hit the pavement as she jumped out of the truck. Witnesses reported that she was trying to run - screaming for someone to help her. David chased her down and shot her in the back at close range with a 9mm handgun. He then raised the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. David died instantly, but Lin wasn't so fortunate. She lingered three days on life support at Darnall Army Community Hospital, Fort Hood, Texas, then passed from this life into a better one in the early hours of November 17, 1985.

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