Robert Stephen Mills

19 Years Old

April 23, 1983 to February 9, 2003

Robbie Mills had a very charismatic personality, he would capture your attention by his presence and wonderful nature.

He achieved his Life Award in Boy Scouts and was voted in Order of the Arrow, which is a high honor in Scouts. Robbie was an outstanding young man. He was a great help in Scouts and a wonderful friend to have, he was fearless, especially if someone was in danger. Robbie received his BSA Life Guard in Scouts, and helped other children to safety when their canoe tipped over.

Robbie is my hero. I am a proud mother. Robbie taught me a lot, especially courage.


At this time, information cannot be disclosed about the murder, except is was an unlawful killing. The laws will be changed by this situation, especially weapon control in Law Enforcement. I wish I could say more, but someday the world will know my story and hopefully from my pain, many lives will be saved and other parents won’t feel this intense pain.

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Robert Mills