Richard Lee Langosh
26 Years Old

December 11, 1958 to May 30, 1985

Richard was the oldest of our four children, born December 11, 1958. Then Laura 10 and 1/2 months later, Randy a year after and Sylvia 18 months later.

They were all very close growing up, sharing, playing with each other and also very protective. Being typical mischievous, but never mean.

They made friends so easily, although we moved often. The boys were always busy, riding or working on their bikes and building tree houses. They acquired their Dad and Uncles' building skills. They worked for the family-owned masonry business after school and on the weekends.

Richard was a good student in school, did his homework and got good grades. He was well liked and loved by everyone, always laughing and joking. They called him Magnum P.I. because he looked and acted like him. He was always the life of the party.

Richard's hobbies were art, building bikes and racing in the motor cross. He also excelled in football, first in pop Warner's, then in high school. He won best athlete award. After bike motor cross, his friends and him built a motorcycle side hack and raced, getting usually 1st to 3rd place. Richard had many trophies from football and racing. Our family tried to attend every occasion. Our children's friends were often at our house and joined together in our card games and parties.

Richard loved music, usually country or the Eagles. "Stairway to Heaven" was one favorite. He was a very good dancer and often danced with me, his Mom. He was very devoted and good to me, always remembering holidays, especially Mother's Day and always got me something special and called me when he was far away. We were especially close; we liked the same people and the same things.

Richard had a very close girlfriend the last few years and they moved to Colorado, where they were residing. He worked and became foreman of the Construction Company.

He was getting ready to go home after calling his girlfriend from the bar close by where they were working when a crazed gunman ended Richard's life at only 26 and 1/2 years old. As he tried to reason with the killer and tried to take the gun away to protect his friends that were with him, he died to save others.

My heart is with him always.


My son Richard was shot as he tried to stop a crazed gunman, Don Huckabay who had been 86'ed from the bar for being too intoxicated.

Richard, working close by, had stopped at the bar to call his girlfriend who was at home. The bartender escorted out Don. Don got a gun from his truck, went inside, and shot the bartender. Richard was getting ready to leave and go home, as Richard moved from the bar towards Don, he was shot in the chest as he was trying to reason with Don and take the gun away. He was trying to save his friends. Richard soon went into a coma, as his friends held him. He was taken to the hospital and died soon after.

The bartender lived only because the bullet was lodged in his teeth. Don was aiming the gun at the bar owner because he was on the phone calling the police.

Don Huckabay was charged with only manslaughter. Don was released in December 1998 only 3 and 1/2 years later. Then he was sentenced to Washington State to do probation for three years

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Richard Langosh