Renee Lynn & 7 month fetus Noah Daniel Morris

31 Years Old

July 18, 1971 to December 21, 2002

Renee was a devoted Christian woman, loving wife and Mother, wonderful daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, and caring friend to many. She was 31 years old, with a passion for music and family. She had one brother Randy, who was four years and four days younger than her.

As a young child she loved music and attended dance classes for seven years. Her favorite dance was tap. She took piano lessons, but quit when her teacher was killed in an auto accident. Her favorite pet was a cat she named Socks because he was black with four white feet. She trained him to walk with her on a leash, which always brought stares by onlookers. She had always wanted to own a horse, so the cat was the next best thing. In reality, she had a soft spot for animals and children. She spent a lot of time helping to raise her younger brother, but as a senior in high school she finally got to be in the music and drama program and was voted best singer by her class.

When she married she wanted to have a dozen children. She had a struggle of different things with each pregnancy, especially her third child Lucas Evan, who only lived 48 hours after his delivery. God blessed her just over a year later with Johnathan. When she died she was seven months pregnant with Noah Daniel, who was scheduled to be born, on February 21,2003, by caesarian section. She had two wonderful close girlfriends since the fourth grade. They were raising their children together. She was home schooling all of her children. She was patient and encouraging with them. Each of them were special and unique to her. They knew they were loved and cherished, yet they were disciplined as needed. Renee belonged to a network of home school families and they held field trips to various places of interest or had pot lucks with their children to enhance their social skills.

As a friend she was the first one there in times of trouble to lend a supporting hand or to be a prayer warrior for anyone. The family was active in their church, often participating in musicals or dramas. She also helped by teaching the children at church or camps. That Christmas she was co-directing the children’s program that Bryant and Alexis had speaking and singing parts in. Her needs were simple and her faith was strong. Her Christmas wish that year was for a larger house for her family and she got God’s mansion. She brought us much joy and we miss her terribly!


Renee Lynn Morris and seven-month fetus Noah Daniel were brutally murdered on December 21, 2002, along with Bryant, Alexis, and Johnathan, by Edward Morris, her husband and father of the children. The crime was pre-meditated and he enlisted the help of Renee’s Mother and Renee’s best friend Shannon to help with the surprise trip to the coast. Surprise trips were frequent in their family for special occasions, so Edward’s actions were a total surprise to everyone who knew him. He was evaluated twice at the Oregon State Hospital and found sane. He is serving four consecutive life sentences in Oregon, with no appeals or paroles, due to a plea bargain agreement.

The family gratefully acknowledges the support, cooperation, communication, and tireless efforts of the Portland Chapter of POMC, the Oregon State Police, and Portland FBI, the Tillamook County Sheriff and staff, the District Attorney and his staff of Tillamook County, the Portland Police, our family and friends and especially other survivors!

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Renee Lynn