Rebbeca Leann Ray
11 Years Old

August 14, 1987 to December 15, 1998

If you ask how much the life of a child costs, I suppose I could tell you a lot...not with material things but spiritually, the loss is so great: there is no reason for losing a child. Your life is like a blank for so long, you wonder where that time went. You drive yourself for answers as to “Why?” You cling to hopes of finding-out why, then sometimes, the answers you are counting on don’t come. You wonder where you go from there. You wonder how you can go on. You say to yourself and to God “Where do we go from here?”

Sometimes, it takes a while, then you begin realizing that child really never left, that only their bodily remains are gone. Their spirits and memories never leave you. The pain seems to get easier but it always is “there” but it is a little easier to bare. Then you watch your family struggle with the pain of losing that child you adored.

You begin to pray for an end so that small child can be at peace. Once you realize the end getting near, you begin step-by-step, trying to live day-by-day. You try to go on with life and you struggle every day with getting on with life. A little bit every day, you begin to rebuild your life somehow. It isn’t the same and never will be, but it does get easier.

This is for you, Rebbeca, from your family...with all our love and devotion.


Our daughter Rebbeca Leann was shot at the age of 11 years old from a single shot by a suspect running from the police. She was a victim of someone’s anger and fear...something all we parents want to stop; the needless killing of our children. They are God’s gifts and blessing to all of us. In memory of our you always, Mom and Dad Homer and Diane Ray

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Rebbeca Leann Ray