Staff Sargeant Raul A. Marin II

29 Years Old
August 29, 1968 to August 5, 1998

A Gift for Ruth in Memory of Raul Marin II “Little Roy” Not long ago in 1968 I sent a soul from heaven’s gate He was brought forth in love and tenderness She nurtured him with sweet caress She sang to him her lullabies And held him close each time he cried She prayed and taught him of My love She knew he was My gift from up above As he grew this baby of hers she had to let go For babies never stay the same as every mother knows She cried when he left for college as a man But knew he was in My hands. She cried to see her baby say “I Do” She thought, : To her, my son will be true.” She cried with pride when he served in the Air Force. She knew his race would be a difficult course. Soon she was filled with tears of joy To know her son now had a baby boy. First one, then two, then three and four Her son was blessed you could say no more As life goes on her son had his falls And the son knew who he had to call He tried to handle it all himself He put his problems under the shelf The problems they grew till one day The son knew he needed to pray He told his sister, “I trust the Lord and in His name” She told him, “Give Jesus your all and your life will never be the same” He hit his knees that August night I watched as he began to fight I said, “NO! THIS ONE IS MINE!” I TOOK HIS SOUL JUST IN TIME. He and I watched them do their deed As they ran and left his body to bleed. Though some may say this was the end I saved your son and he is My friend. He is with me in this heavenly place So wipe the tears from your precious face For the time is short and there is work to do Share all you know and all I do for you. I send you this, daughter of Mine, to let you know one thing That I have conquered the grave and death has lost its sting I have watched you all through the years and I see you now I know you trust and love Me and are not ashamed to bow You know I love you My daughter and this is all the truth My sweet little lady, My precious daughter, Ruth I thank you for taking good care of him when he was just a boy You did a wonderful job of love and teaching My son little Roy You should know just one more thing, I’ve caught every tear in your anger and your fear Through your sadness and your grief Through every waking hour you tossed with disbelief Through your mourning and your pain My love remains the same. Rest in My arms. My daughter Ruth know that I love you and this is the truth.


Raul was killed by Arnulfo D. Ayala of San Antonio and estranged wife Dianna Boatman of Stillwater Oklahoma daughter of Howard Boatman and Ledalle Bates of Oklahoma. He leaves behind four sons Ram, Malachi, Isaiah, Samuel, his mother Ruth Marin Eason and two sisters, Rhonda Reyes and Rhoda Wallace. Keep us in prayer we know Jesus will bring us through.
(Diane Boatman Marin of Stillwater Oklahoma) Wife of Raul for 10 years had been planning to have him murdered for 3 years before the murder they had 4 wonderful boys and she had a daughter by a previous affair. Raul was murdered by his wife’s lover and for the insurance money. Raul and Dianna had separated for about 3 weeks when her lover came by to seek information for Dianna. Raul was not aware of their affair. Arnulfo Diaz Ayala of San Antonio, Texas came over with a six pack and Raul and A.D. were talking and Raul fell asleep on the floor and A.D. watched him sleep for about 1 hour. He (A.D.) then went to his car and brought a change of clothes and a crow bar. While Raul was still sleeping A.D. hit Raul behind the head 50 times and stabbed him (Raul) seven times. A.D. also cut Raul’s middle finger. He then went to the bathroom to clean himself up and left Raul in a pile of blood. He went home and called Dianna and told her it’s been done.
Arnulfo Diaz Ayala was arrested in October, 1998 and when his trial was to start Dianna Boatman Marin was arrested for the murder of her husband Raul A. Marin II. This was 1 yr. and 4 days later. It was called the trial with a Twist and she was called the Black Widow. This was a very well publicized trial the San Antonio Police Department and the Military were both working together. Dianna Marin was charged with conspiracy to murder and got a 12 year sentence. She came up for parole and with the help of POMC members and letters written to the parole board her (Dianna’s) parole was denied and she doesn’t come up again until 2011. She was the first one in Houston, Texas to get a five year set off with the parole board. I’m very happy for that, I have lost seeing my grandkids because their minds have been brainwashed that it’s my fault that she’s in prison but I wanted Justice and even if 12 years does not compare to my life sentence. I Thank God for the Justice I got for Raul. I used to complain till I met others that don’t even know who killed their loved ones or got probation for murder. My prayer is that all who has to travel this awful journey find a group like POMC or other support to help them keep on talking and keeping their loved one’s memory alive. NEVER GIVE UP! I love Raul and Ram, Malachi, Isaiah and Samuel Marin very much and I miss talking to his boys. I spent all my life savings to get to visit those boys but they know I love them and someday when they grow up they will know that I had to do what I did for their Dad no one else will speak for him like his mom. And when those boys grow up they will understand and if I had to do that again I would do it all over again. Their Dad needed to get Justice and that is what we got JUSTICE!

Ruth Marin-Eason
Raul’s Mom

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