Rachel Nicole Good
20 Years Old

October 6, 1983 to October 18, 2003

Rachel was a very outgoing, but very naive person. She never met a stranger. She was full of laughter and she always came up to you with a smile on her face. Her family was No.1. There was never a family event or outing she missed. No matter the case she was always there. Her family was very dear to her. She had 3 children of her own Kahli now 6, Addison now 4, Mason now 3. She feared being by herself to a fault. She couldn’t handle being alone. She had dreams as a teenager as having a big family, a big house, and being very happy. She loved butterflies and daisys, the color yellow, little old men and little old ladies walking together down the street hand and hand. The simple things in life were her dreams. She had an older brother Adam whom she adored. She always looked up to him. She will be greatly missed by all her family and friends. Until we meet again. Love, Mom


Rachel Nicole Good was last seen October 18, 2003 at Elkton Volunteer Fire Department in Virginia. Her car along with her pocketbook and keys was found at her apartment in the town of Elkton. My mother and myself went to Elkton to file a missing persons report in which the police officer that Rachel was seeing on a regular basis and was 10 weeks pregnant by was put in charge of the case by the Elkton Chief of Police. The Chief of Police knew this officer and that my daughter was dating him, but yet he put him on the case. I had to go through a “process” to get him off the case but in the mean- time he had 4 days to get rid of evidence until the Virginia State Police were called in.

He was put on a paid leave for 3 months before resigning. Chief of Police still employed. Police Officer has lawyer, refuses to talk, refuses to take lie detector test. Special Grand Jury continues and have plenty of evidence of murder by him but need more for open and shut case, he lives in Arcadia, Florida with his father whom is involved in knowing. The body has never been found. He’s protected by the law and his rights. He handled his own crime scene and now the system has taught him to keep his mouth shut.

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Rachel Good