Preston D'Juan Posey
14 Years Old

June 6, 1985 to August 8, 1999

Preston D'Juan Posey was a 14-year-old African American male with so much potential. He was a fluent writer, he had won the Young Authors Award 2 years straight and won the District Award one of those years.

You know, it's very seldom in this day and time to find a young African American male who was not into the street scene. He was into basketball, track, video games, going to the movies with his friends, writing stories and poems or hanging out with his mom. I personally preferred the latter of the hobbies. Preston was my best friend. He was so intelligent for his age. I could talk to him about my problems and concerns, and he would give me viable feedback in a way that wouldn't hurt my feelings or make me feel bad; even if it was a situation where I should have felt bad or gotten my feelings hurt. He was so loving, kind, and gentle. He always found the good in a situation (if there was any good in the situation.)

It's sometimes hard to explain or put into words just how someone touched your life. But when you think about it, God doesn't make mistakes. That was so hard for me to comprehend at first, but I took into consideration that, "No, God doesn't make mistakes," and everything has its reasons. You know, when people come to you and say, "He's in a better place or she doesn't have to suffer any more," well, that didn't make sense to me because he was a happy, healthy 14-year-old with the brightest future any parent could imagine. So my answer to those people was (in anger), "He was 14-years-old and had everything he needed and wanted. He was not suffering." In my mind I see it as the Lord seeing something that we (humans) did not or could not see in Preston's future. He knew that he was too good a person and Christian for him to have to go through anything that bad. He spared my son a lot of pain and suffering. That's the way I have to look at it. If ever my faith was tested, this was it. I'm still holding on to his unchanging hand. I have to. I couldn't make it without him.

Preston is gone, but never (and I stress never) forgotten. For 14 years I was (and still am) the proud parent of a great leader.

I have enclosed a poem he had written and was asked to read at school. Maybe this will give you an idea of how talented he was, even at the age of 14.


I am...a very athletic person.
I wonder...will I ever become a pro sports player.
I hear...myself practicing hard to fill my dream as a pro player.
I someday play with players that I now only dream about.

I am...a very athletic person.
I pretend...that I will be one of the best to play the game.
I believe...that if I stay in church and close to Jesus I can become
Whatever I want.
I mother as she sees me growing to become a young man.
I if I keep away from the streets I will stay drug and gang Free.
I worry...that my dream will fade away from me over the years.
I cry...when I think of all the family members that have passed on
I didn't get to say goodbye.

I am...a very athletic person.
I understand...that I will be forced to make a decision that
Could change my life forever.
I say...that I can do it if I try.
I dream...that one day I can make a difference in someone's life.
I hope...that I one day will have the privilege to have a family of my Own.

I am...a very athletic person.

by: Preston Posey


As far as the case, my son Preston Posey was killed by a 12-year-old boy in the neighborhood. His name is Henry Crawford, Jr. (lil Junie).

At first, it was called an accident, but after going to court and listening to this boy's statement, it didn't sound to me to be an accident. In his statement, he said that he and Preston were sitting side by side on the bed. Well, my question is, you can't shoot someone in the head (right above the eye) if you're sitting side by side unless you actually raise the gun and point it.

Anyway, after the initial day (August 8, 1999), lil Junie went to the police to give his statement and was released. On August 10, 1999, he was arrested for murder. I really don't know what happened to change.

The boy was charged with a lesser charge, given 6 months probation and that was it. This situation is truly frustrating, due to the fact that in the last year and a half, I've heard several different stories, none of them sounding like it was an accident. There were only two (2) people in the room when the shooting happened, so why am I still hearing stories about it?

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Preston Posey