Paul Matthew Heid
22 Years Old

December 21, 1981 to August 24, 2004

Paul Matthew Heid was from Cincinnati, Ohio. Paul was a people person. He got energy from being with people. Paul embraced people of all races and economic levels as friends. He had an upbeat personality. He wanted people to be positive. His favorite phrase was “Lighten Up!, Paul’s way of saying don’t worry, enjoy life. Paul was non-judgmental. When you were with Paul, you felt accepted. Friends found easy forgiveness from Paul, if they had wronged him.
Paul had an animated personality, so full of life and entertaining to others. He brought lots of smiles to family and friends. His smile was accented by a dimple on his left cheek. He enjoyed being in dramatic productions at school and church. Ironically, in the 10th grade, he played the part of Plato, in “Rebel Without A Cause,” Plato is shot and dies.
There was a very compassionate side of Paul. He was given the title “Male Ann Landers” because of all the friends that would call and ask his advice on relationship problems. He was a very good listener. Paul had fun at his job, as an associate at K-mart. He liked to interact with customers. Paul found it satisfying the times he got to help a blind man shop. He would excitedly come home and tell about helping with store security with managers. He had worked in every department at the store. He was going to begin the manager training program at the time of his murder.
Basketball was Paul’s favorite sport. He liked to play it anytime. Two months before his death he had drawn out plans for what he called “Night Hoops”. He was hoping to find a company to produce this basketball net, that could be used to play basketball outside at night. Night Hoops is copyrighted.
Spending time with nature, camping down on the Ohio River with friends was something Paul always looked forward to doing.
“Dragon Ball Z” was one of Paul’s favorite T.V. programs. He and his friends would spend many evening hours playing Dragon Ball Z cards. Paul had just started liking to cook, shortly before he was murdered. He was really getting good at cooking chicken parmesan. He made a great tuna sandwich. His “secret” ingredient was sugar. Music was a big part of Paul’s life. He loved to sing, dance and listen to music. SKA music was the style he enjoyed the most. When I listen to SKA music I can close my eyes and still see him happily dancing away. That young man sure could dance!
Paul has a daughter, Hope. She truly was the apple of her daddy’s eye. When he would come home from work, there was a twinkle in his eye as he would pick her up, swing her around and ask “How you doing baby?’ No matter what her age, he would call her baby. Hope had just turned 4, two months to the day, of her daddy’s murder.
There was a passion within Paul to share his faith with his friends. He and his friends would get together to have deep discussions on the Bible. He would also invite his friends to go to church with him. Paul left this world with very few material goods. He didn’t even care to own a car. What was the most important investment, to Paul, in this life had been relationships. Still to this day, August 20, 2007, almost 3 years after his death friends come and say what an impact Paul’s friendship had at critical points in their lives. They say they would not be the same had they not known Paul. Paul has left his mark on all our hearts forever.


Paul Matthew Heid was murdered in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

On Tuesday, August 24, 2004, Paul Heid, 22, was working at K-Mart in Cincinnati, Ohio. A 25 yr. old man, Paul Faith, a paranoid schizophrenic entered the store around 7:10 p.m. He walked around the aisles of the K-Mart till he came upon store clerk, Paul Heid.

Paul Heid was shot three times, shot in the brain and heart with a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun. He died instantly. The killer then ran through the store firing 5 to 6 rounds. After the shootings, Faith led police on a car chase for 15 minutes. His car was finally stopped, after a tire was flattened by police using road spikes. Faith stayed in the car and pressed his gun against the right side of his head and shot himself to death, investigators said.

Faith had a previous conviction of carrying a concealed weapon. Detectives reported that Faith suffered from delusions. Faith’s mother told them that 2 weeks earlier he had told her, while they were shopping at K-Mart, that all those people with the red vests were CIA agents out to get him.

Faith had been in and out of mental treatment centers at least two times before he committed the murder. His mother claims she tried to get him permanently committed but was told Faith was not ill enough. At the time of the murder, detectives found 2 months of unused medication in Faith’s apartment. The medications were to help with his schizophrenic delusions.

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