Pamela S. Sweeney
35 Years Old

May 17, 1956 to May 31, 1991

Pam was murdered in her home. The murderer (Patrick Walsh) had stolen her keys from her purse at work. He was a co-worker.

Walsh entered her home at about 11:00 PM on May 30th with “a few under his belt” and he had a gun. They fought. He wanted sex. He shot her five times in the head and carried her upstairs to her bedroom to rape her. She had her monthly cycle and he felt she was unclean. He got the largest knife from her kitchen and stabbed her four times in the chest. He went downstairs again and drank one of her soda pops. He was going to leave but backed his truck into a deep ditch. He smashed Pam’s two cars through the door and drove them into the ditch to push his out. Walsh got them stuck and totaled them but still could not leave.

At 3:15 AM on the 31st, Pam’s fiancé Larry came by to check on her as she was afraid since her keys were missing. He found her dead in her bed. He works late shift and she asked him to stop by. Larry called 911 from a neighbor’s house because Walsh was still there. The police came and arrested Walsh. He was tried and convicted of 1st degree murder of two counts. He received 30 years to life with no early parole until 2021, if then.

Walsh was violent at age seven, killing birds and animals. He attempted an earlier murder but thank Heavens, she survived. He pled insanity and was in a mental institution for seven years. Our local sheriff’s office is certain he murdered others but no bodies to prove it. The same circumstances and evidence in three cases.

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Pamela Sweeney