Nicole "Coco" Sanchez
24 Years Old

April 22, 1982 to September 26, 1999

My Baby (Our Baby)

Nicole loved to go to dances...especially Mexican dances. She liked to have fun and meet people. She had a laugh I will never forget. Her baby sister Alysa laughs just like her. Coco loved taking care of children.

Coco always wanted to be a veterinarian because she loved animals and wanted to take care of them.

Dad (Vince Sanchez)

Sisters...Andrea Natasha Sanchez/Guerrero
Briana Lopez Sanchez
Alysa Margaret Sanchez


Nicole told her older sister she had planned to break-up with her present boyfriend because he was consistently jealous. She went-out with him on September 25th, 1999. Nicole was to be present the following morning to witness the baptism of her baby sister Alysa.

On that morning, her boyfriend shot her at point-blank-range with a 9mm handgun. He shot her in a very sensitive area of her body.

Per several witnesses, Nicole died very slowly and painfully in approximately 20 minutes.

He is doing 15 years.

She is doing eternity...

I still cannot believe the beautiful, kind, gentle person Kathleen was could be murdered so violently…..a spark has gone from our lives that can never return.

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Nicole Sanchez