Nicholas Samuel Markowitz
15 Years Old

September 19, 1984 to August 9, 2000

Nicholas Samuel Markowitz was born on September 19, 1984. Induced to enter the world 3 1/2 weeks late, he finally arrived weighing in at 8 pounds 15 ounces. At that very moment I, Susan (Nick’s Mom) was complete. Once a dream was now reality. I knew I had been blessed from the very first day I found out I was pregnant. I looked forward to our midnight feeding with a smile, knowing that was our special bonding time.

Extremely intelligent at a very young age, Nick was like a magnet; he grasped all information around him and retained it. When he was 18 months old, he knew all the seven dwarfs by name from the back! He used big words like imagination and certainly.
I miss him sitting next to me as we had side by side computers. My teacher is no longer here. He tried to show me how to play this SIMM’s game, a game of life, like the real world you earn your money to buy things to put into your house. I was never able to put the fire out, or get the people out of the pool so they could get their proper rest. He used to laugh at me. I miss his laugh.
Nick was a funny boy; he always made you laugh. He was 2 years and 4 months when after watching Sesame Street he was playing in the bathtub, as he made his Snoopy fall into the water he said “We’ll be right back after these messages”.
A month before he was murdered Nick says to me “Mom do you want to see the dark side of the moon?” I replied “Yes” as I followed him outside I thought what I would be looking into would be his professional telescope but instead, I was “Mooned” by my own son!
Sports were not his favorite thing to do. He unfortunately at his first time at bat had his wrist broken. However, he did enjoy the discipline and fitness karate had to offer later.
Nick loved his drama class; Shakespeare was one of his favorites. Peer counseling was one of his latest accomplishments; being accepted into the class made him so proud. He was looking forward to returning to school in September of 2000. Nick’s Dad had just taught him how to ride a motorcycle. Those short-lived fun memories were too few.
Reading was one of his favorite pastimes, in kindergarten he received an award for reading 300 books. He read every night. He read about science, animals, and stars. His favorite books were by Shel Silverstein, and he owned them all. He took very good care of his belongings, especially his books. I remember he cried when someone tore a page.
Always compassionate, loving and a caring soul. When he was about 7 years old, he came across seeing his first Mexican Jumping Bean. He wanted me to cut it open and let out what was inside. I ended up having to take it out of our house as it made him too upset. His sweetheart let me read his letters. Though Nick was only 15, he truly knew how to love and to cherish. He was truly an old soul.


The Murder/Execution
Innocent Victim Nicholas Samuel Markowitz kidnapped and executed because his half brother Ben Markowitz owed Jesse James Hollywood money for a drug debt.
Benjamin Edward Markowitz half brother of Nicholas owed Jesse James Hollywood $1,200.0 for drugs. The feud between Jesse Hollywood and Ben cost Nick his life.
Jesse James Hollywood is Still At Large, $50,000.00 REWARD. One of America’s Most Wanted, his four accomplices are in custody, and listed below. He is the mastermind behind Nick’s murder. He is wanted for kidnapping and murder.
Ryan James Hoyt - Jesse James Hollywood erased his $200.00 drug debt owed to him for shooting Nick in the face and torso 9 times with Jesse Hollywood’s Tec-9. *Captured and his Trial date Oct/Nov 2001 *Found Guilty of First-degree murder with special circumstances. The jury recommends the death penalty. *Sentencing still pending.
Jesse Taylor Rugge - Drove the van that kidnapped Nick and had Nick in his custody and care for over 60 hours. He was the one who duct taped Nick and walked him to his 12” grave and helped bury him.
*Captured, trial date April/May 2002. The confession considered inadmissible due to coercion.
*Found guilty of Kidnapping for ransom, which serves a life sentence, but with parole. *Sentencing still pending.
Graham Pressley - Graham showed Ryan James Hoyt the spot in which to dig the grave. Graham dug the 12-inch grave that Nick was put into.
*Captured, trial is June 4, 2002

William Skidmore –He helped beat up and kidnap Nick *Captured, trial set for August 2002
Added to the tragedy were 32 people and 2 “911” telephone calls that could have saved Nick’s life.

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Nicholas MArkowitz