Nicholas A. Cox (Nick)
20 Years Old

July 5, 1981 to November 24, 2001

I remember the night before my son, Nicholas (Nick), was born. I was laying in the hospital bed having labor pains and looking out the window. I saw beautiful fireworks being displayed across the sky. Early the next morning my husband and I welcomed our first born. We were so happy. Nick was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on July 5th, 1981. His dad was stationed at Kirkland Air Force Base at that time.

While growing up, Nick enjoyed school, swimming and played little league sports. He also enjoyed playing all sorts of video games and computer games, as he got older. If I had any problems with my computer, Nick was the one I would ask.

Nick was very charismatic, funny, and full of life. He could walk into a room and lighten it up with his presence. He would start singing a happy song or say something that would make you laugh. He had an incredible sense of humor and got along with everyone. Nick was the kind of person who his friends could turn to if they needed someone to listen. He would offer common sense advice and make them feel everything will turn out just fine. If he needed advice, he would turn to his younger brother, Chris, who has a level head as well. They were only two years apart. They were very close.

Just as his brother, Nick was an avid artist. He could draw anything and everything. His bedroom was filled with all kinds of drawings and pictures he had produced. He also loved writing Rap songs and even performed a gospel rap duet titled “ No Doubt” at church with his best friend, Mario. Both received a standing ovation! Nick graduated from high school in 1999 and attended college for one semester before joining the military.


On November 24, 2001, Nick left our home in Bossier City, LA after being home on leave for Thanksgiving. He was on his way to Norfolk, VA when he stopped by the house of Alan James’ sister. Nick was shot in the head while sitting in the passenger seat of his own 1996 Crown Victoria. The murderer, Alan James, put Nick’s body in the trunk and drove the car for a couple of hours. He buried the body under a pile of debris in west Caddo Parish and dumped the car in Queensborough near his sister’s home. It was found 3 days later. The police found a pair of blood-stained boots in the closet of James’ bedroom at his sister’s house. James was arrested in San Diego, where his girlfriend lives.

The case was solved: A police detective speculated that Alan James deliberately shot Nicholas out of envy. The judge said Allen James had specific intent to kill and found him guilty of second-degree murder in the Nov. 24, 2001 shooting death of Nicholas Cox.

The murderer was convicted. The sentence was life in prison without possibility of parole.

The status of the killer: Still in prison.

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Nicholas Cox