Nancy Kay Weber
37 Years Old

March 5, 1960 to December 11, 1997

Nancy was 37 when she was murdered by her husband’s best friend...a “Hire to Kill.”

Nancy was a Ward Clerk of Southern Barry County Memorial Hospital and a Nurse’s Aid. She was a compassionate loving person. Nancy loved helping others, loved life and loved all animals. She had horses, dogs, birds and chickens. Nancy loved being outdoors and lived in the country.

A smile was always on Nancy’s face. She trusted everyone.

Citizens of Exeter placed a memorial plaque at the foot of a dogwood tree. They buried a capsule there containing notes from her friends and tags from her parents. The plaque reads: “Goodbye to you, our trusted friend.”

Nancy was a domestic violence victim.

I can truthfully say that anyone who met Nancy, loved her…..


Our daughter Nancy was murdered on December 11th, 1997. Her “husband” Robert Moeller hired his friend Richard Poetter to murder Nancy for insurance purposes.

Nancy died a violent death.

Richard Poetter shot her in the right lung in the house. She managed to get herself outside about 15 inches from her house when he caught-up with her and tried to strangle her. Still screaming, he took a rock and beat Nancy about the face. When she fell to the ground, he shot her again in the back of the head.

The husband Robert Moeller made an alibi by being in town. The police arrested him. He failed his polygraph and told how he hired his best friend for $2000 to get rid of Nancy. They then picked-up Richard Poetter. We were notified by the Missouri Highway Patrol. They asked us to fly to Missouri to speak with Sheriff Mick Epperly.

Robert Moeller and Richard Poetter confessed.

We had to attend two different trials...first, the husband, then the hired hit-man. It took one year and two months to get through the first trial. He was sentenced to Life in a maximum security prison without pardon or parole! It was not until October 23rd, 2000, after many delays, change of venue and different judges that Poetter also received Life in a maximum security prison without pardon or parole!

The husband is serving his time in Missouri; the hit-man is serving his time in Arkansas.

We were not allowed to view Nancy’s body. There was a memorial service for her in Missouri. We flew her body back to Corpus Christi, Texas for a proper burial.

I would not wish what we had to go through on anyone. The justice system is extremely slow. We were lucky to finally get justice.

We knew what happened to Nancy through a video of the crime scene of when they found her…..she had no head features left.

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

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Nancy Weber