Moses D. Tucker
18 Years Old

August 21, 1979 to June 16, 1998

I’m a survivor of a son who was murdered. Moses Tucker was 18 years old. On June 16, 1998 his life was taken from him on 49th Georgia Street in Gary, Indiana. I would like to express how a survivor feels when the case is unsolved, because the public doesn’t get involved.

You feel as if no one cares because this is not related to them. This affects your health, it can cause strokes, heart problems and a nervous breakdown. Some people become alcoholics and/or addicted to drugs. A marriage breaks up, because you blame one another.

So you look for people to help in these unsolved cases. Sometimes you blame the police department and/or the justice system. You also look for compassion from detectives and up to date information on the case. The detectives are tired of the unsolved cases and the murderers walking free. They are discouraged in the people as well. In some cases they are so close, then the eyewitness changes their mind.

NO help from the people of Gary and other cities. No one wants to be involved, as long as you sit back with the attitude, this doesn’t affect me. In today’s society, you don’t have to bother anyone for him/her to take your life for NO REASON. You never know when you or a loved one can be a victim. What I would like is for you to put yourself in our situation, the survivors. Yes you go on while we are still hurting. You would want justice to prevail. Don’t say well that person was a drug dealer/user, whatever reason. Who are we to judge? No one deserves that.

If you witness someone being murdered, have information that could help the case, or know something about the cases that’s unsolved, you are just as guilty as the person who pulled the trigger. Let’s stop blaming the detectives and police departments. Let’s help make a difference.

I’m not just speaking about my son Moses Tucker’s case, I’m speaking on behalf of all the unsolved murder cases. It’s time to make a change, let’s be involved.

People take a stand
Let’s make a difference.
Society does care about one another.

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Moses Tucker