Mikel S. Mathis
24 Years Old

October 17, 1974 to November 21, 1998

Mike was a 6’5” 280-pound man whose heart outweighed his body because he was such a caring person from the time he was a child. Every morning after work, Mike stopped-by his grandparents to see how they were doing. He was 24 years old and lived with his mother Sue and step-father Benny.

Mike graduated from high school and was working at Great Lakes Steel.

In 1998, Mike bought his first new car, a Mustang Cobra. It was his greatest toy. But the love of his life was singing. As a youth, he sang in the Detroit Metropolitan Youth chorus. Later, he sang every chance he got at karaoke’s. We have tapes of his singing. It is too difficult to listen to the tapes.

Mike’s family and friends miss him and love him so much...thinking about him tears our hearts out.


Mike had began dating a woman who had two children from a previous relationship. The woman’s ex-boyfriend became jealous and threatened Mike.

On November 9th, 1998 at around 9:00, Mike Tudor talked our Mike into going to have coffee and talk. Our Mike drove. He thought if he could talk to Mike Tudor, maybe they could have a workable relationship.

While leaving the coffee shop lot, Mike Tudor pulled a gun and shot our Mike four times in the side of the head.

Mike Tudor fled. A passerby flagged the police because our Mike was slumped-over his steering wheel. The lady thought he was drunk and stopped in the middle of the driveway.

Our Mike did not die right away. He kept telling the police who did it.

Mike lived on life-support for 11 days. He died on November 21st, 1998.

Michael Tudor was found guilty of First-Degree Pre-meditated Murder. He was sentenced on August 18th, 1999 to Natural Life Without Parole.

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Mikel Mathis