Michael Steven Wilson
18 Years Old

November 20, 1957 to October 1, 1977

Michael loved people and animals. We have a favorite picture of him with his pet opossum on his left shoulder. He was shy around girls in high school, but quiet mannered and always got "A"'s in grade school, and in high school, "A's, B's and C's". He was very religious, served and went to Mass at Holy Name Catholic Church every Sunday. He had a motorcycle he loved to ride to the great job he had gotten after one year at Salina Technical Institute as a machinist. He would have contributed highly to American society. I and his family still mourn his death every day.


In 1977, two and one-half months after the marriage of Eugene and Jean Andrews (now Wilson), Eugene lost a primary election for Shawnee County Commissioner. In the next few weeks, he became increasingly physically and verbally abusive to Jean and her two sons, Michael and Todd. Jean and Eugene agreed to divorce and he moved out of their home. On October 1, 1977, Eugene, aware of a broken lock, entered Jean's home through a broken back door around 1:00 am. He awakened Jean and Michael (Todd, the youngest son, was visiting his father for the night), and ordered them at gunpoint to sit together on a couch, telling them they were going to die. At point-blank range, he fired his 12 gauge shotgun directly into Michael's heart, killing the 19 year old instantly as his mother watched. Turning to Jean, he fired twice at point blank range, severely wounding her with two shots in her leg, neck and face. Andrews pled guilty to Second Degree Murder and Assault and Battery (plea bargained), was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison at age 42. Because he was a former county undersheriff, juvenile court administrator and officer, he was sentenced additionally under the gun act. He will have served short of 21 years when he is considered for parole in August, 1999. His family, the surviving victim and her family live today in the same community.

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Michael Wilson