Michael Anton Sauer
21 Years Old

February 6, 1974 to November 4, 1995

Michael Anton Sauer was welcomed into this world on February 6, 1974 by his mother, Sharon K. Thompson Sauer and Karl F. Sauer, M.D. Also present for this wonderful celebration were his sisters, Denise Michelle Sauer McCormick and Leslie Sauer Verner. Michael was such a wonderful part of the family and was loved by everyone who came into contact with him. When attending elementary school, he made excellent grades and was a mischievous little guy. He grew up playing baseball and basketball, however, his real passions were body building and football. He excelled in both of these sports. In football, Michael played Offensive Tackle, Defensive End and Defensive Tackle. He was captain of the 1991 McAlester Buffalo Football Team, where they did make it into the playoffs his senior year. Upon graduation from high school, Michael lived with his sister Leslie, in Stillwater, Oklahoma and was majoring in environmental science. In school, Michael was a good student and he also was an avid body builder.

In 1992, Michael was named the National Teenage Heavyweight Weight Lifting Champion. He attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma, from August of 1992 until November of 1995. In March of 1995, he took part in the Iron Man Contest in Stillwater, Oklahoma and won first place in the heavyweight division.

Michael loved the Grand Canyon and loved Glacier National Park. He loved Lake Tahoe. Michael was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in McAlester, Oklahoma and was a devoted son, brother and uncle to his first nephew, Jerrod Blake McCormick, who was born on February 7, 1995. At the time of Michael's tragic passing, he was anxiously awaiting the birth of his second nephew, Michael Hayden Verner. Tragically, Michael was taken from this earth by violence 6 weeks before "little Mikie" was born.


On November 4, 1995, at 9:45 pm while attempting to protect two little girls from a drug-crazed gunman, he was shot two times in his right chest. Despite his mortal wounds, he rendered first aid to the two little girls that had also been shot. When law enforcement officials arrived on the scene, Michael told the officer who it was that performed this dastardly deed. He also requested that the law officer get a hold of "my dad". I proceeded immediately to the Emergency Room at our local hospital and was present when Michael came in from the ambulance. Needless to say, the situation appeared quite hopeless just from a superficial observation that I had. I did get to hold Michael's little hand and tell him how much I loved him. He was able to open his eyes, look at me and tell me how much he loved me. Within 45 minutes, Michael went to be with his Lord. He died from profuse bleeding from his chest wound.

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Michael Sauer