Melissa May Ganoe

21 Years Old

December 31, 1980 to January 27, 2002

This letter comes from a still grieving Mother of a murdered child. My Missy was taken away from me on January 27, 2002, and although at the end of each month I tear another month off the calendar, the tear in my heart is not lessened in any way. In fact, if anything, my heartache and mental anguish have increased, though in January 2002, I didn’t think that was possible. She’s gone and I can’t do anything to bring her back.

Missy was simply a joy to know.

To help with my own self-preservation, I wrote a poem recently about our daughter Missy.

On New Years Eve nineteen eighty We were blessed with a beautiful baby.

We named her Melissa-gave her my middle name of May. Had a smile so bright– would light up even the dreariest day.

Was always in an upbeat mood and she loved the color pink. Terrific at her job-was very smart - my Missy sure could think.

Giving birth and being a mother to Karolyne Provided her with so much pride– she was one of a kind.

Missy, tho’ we only had you for a short amount of time Always know you’re never out of my heart and mind.

Wish heaven had a phone high above the sky of blue And you could call me and say, “Mom, I’m OK and I LOVE YOU”.

I realize you can’t turn back the clock, but, to anybody going through what we are, please cherish each and every day– you never know if some tragedy is waiting around the next corner.

We miss and love her very much!


Missy was brutally shot 5 times in the head at close range, because of a disgruntled boyfriend with her 16 month old baby crying at her side.

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Melissa May Ganoe