Mauricio Jonathan Suarez
20 Years Old

February 11, 1983 to October 30, 2003

Mauricio Jonathan Suarez on the night of October 30, 2003, at the age of 20 was brutally and violently murdered by four individuals in Queens, NY. Of the four who participated in this senseless savage murder, only one knew him. Jonathan was a son, a dad, a grandson, a nephew, a friend who was greatly loved by all. He was loving, caring and a friend to everyone he met. He had a big heart and always saw the good in others. Jonathan had the most gorgeous smile and he would walk into a room and light it up instantly with his smile. He played football, baseball, the violin, loved fishing, dancing and most of all being loved and surrounded by his family and friends. His daughter meant the world to him and when she was born, he was overjoyed with excitement. His precious little one who will never get the chance to meet him…

That year in 2003, he was preparing for his future and how he was to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Those dreams he had were taken away forever.

For our family, the holidays, his birthday, Mother’s day and other important dates are the toughest emotionally for he is not here physically with us. His laughter no longer heard, his smile no longer seen and his hugs no longer felt. For us, it is the reality of that horrible night imprinted in our minds and heart.  

And he will remain 20 years old forever!


The Justice System failed us...and we felt as if he had been murdered twice…
Of the four involved in the brual murder of Jonathan only one served time. Two of them (Wassifa Amina Bacchus and Craig Rampersad) were released due to insufficient evidence. The third one (Devandra or Davendra Ramsammy) fled the country and was a native to Guyana. Devandra was not charged and only wanted for questioning.

After years of going to court, Iqbal Bacchus, brother to Wassifa was sentenced to 9 years, however he had already served 3 years from a crime he committed while he was on probation on Jonathan’s case. Iqbal in reality only served 6 years for murdering Jonathan. When all was said and done, he only served 4 years in prison and then released to the general public. Our family was never notified prior to  Iqbal’s release. We were not given the opportunity to voice our concerns and to request for the Parole Board to deny Iqbal’s early release. The system failed us once again.

I know no amount of time would bring Jonathan back to us however for a murderer to serve only 4 years was a slap in the face for the brutal and senseless murder of our loved one. 

Jonathan will continue to live in our hearts, forever 20.
With loving thoughts of MJS

Jonathan’s Family Gomez/Suarez

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Mauricio Suarez