Mark Anthony Vega
21 Years Old

March 5, 1974 to July 16, 1995

Mark Anthony Vega was born on March 5, 1974 at Morrisona Hospital in the Bronx. He was always a good baby. He grew up loving sports. He played Little League Baseball for Young Life Association. Mark loved being active, and was always popular.

He attended Taft High School. As a teenager, he got a job at Burger King. Also a few years later, he was employed by Milea at 149th and Bruckner Blvd. He loved his job and always worked hard. He was employed by Milea for close to 5 years. He became a father at 17, then again at 19. His children were his pride and joy. Mark Anthony Vega, Jr. and Gabrielle Violet Vega. He was engaged to his girlfriend, Myra Acosta. He loved playing football with his friends from 171st and Walton Avenue. His best friends were Ralph and Givy, but he had lots of friends on 171st where he grew up.

He loved dancing and on weekends, he would always go dancing with his friends. He also loved driving his red Honda Civic. He was known by many people who admired him. He always took care of his children and he was a very good father.

He was a beautiful son, rarely giving me problems or headaches. I was very proud of my son, Mark. I live every day since his death in pain and sorrow and still grieve for him even after three years and eight months. He'll always live in my heart and soul. He will always be my clown, my sunshine, my son Mark, my Mike.

He is survived by brother Peter, sister Jasmine, children Mark Anthony Jr., and Gabrielle Violet Vega, and many friends and family members.


On July 15th, 1995, my son Mark Anthony Vega went to pick up his friend Givy at 11:20 pm. As he drove his red Honda Civic and turned onto 172nd and Whythe Place, an individual, a male, stepped in front of his car. This person was blocking his car. Mark blew his horn several times, but the person yelled at him, "I'll move when I fucking want to." Mark again blew his horn. He started to go around this person. The individual pulled out a gun and shot ten times. Three bullets hit Mark, two times in the head, once in the back, exiting through his chest, exploding his heart. He was rushed by friends to Bronx Lebanon Hospital. He died at 1:40 am, July 16, 1995. He was murdered in cold blood. The individual has never been apprehended, as far as I know. There was a picture of the individual in the Daily News, but as of today, he is still out there, not convicted, not arrested, free to kill once again. My prayer is that justice be done and my son's death not to have been in vain.

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Mark vega