Marie Mrakitsch Beal
33 Years Old

April 22, 1964 to August 27, 1997

Mimi was one of the most giving, caring people known. She took pleasure in doing for others. A very talented and artistic person, she played piano and enjoyed painting, sketching and watercolors. Her love of the outdoors was enjoyed through each season of the year. She adored animals and brought home numerous and assorted strays throughout her life.

Her talents were put to use as she became a very impressive free lance sign painter who had reason to be proud of each job she had done. She gave and received much love from her husband, David, and shared a great deal with him. He misses her terribly. She enjoyed socializing with close friends and although she had none of her own, she loved children and often babysat for neighbors. She leaves behind her father and step family, her mother and step family, a brother, a sister-in-law she never met, and a soon to be niece or nephew, who would have been her pride and joy. We love and miss her and we know she is with us still.

As a favor to her best friend who didn't have room, she agreed to allow a friend and co-worker of her best friend's husband to rent a room for a week until he relocated to another job in a distant state. After dinner, they met with him at a local tavern and spent time talking and getting acquainted. The neighbor left and my daughter stayed, saying she would see that the new friend would get home all right. Later that evening she called a cab to get him home, because he was quite intoxicated. Always believing she could take care of herself, she left with him. His first night in her home.


It is unknown exactly what happened after that, the neighbors were awakened by shouts and screams, only to see her stumble from her home and see him standing in the doorway. She ran to a neighbor's home for help after suffering 9 stab wounds. She bled to death in the neighbor's front yard. Her jugular vein had been severed and she died before an ambulance arrived. She died August 27, 1997. Her killer was arrested 2 days later in a neighboring state of Ohio.

His murder trial was December 15, 1998. He was found guilty of 1st Degree murder. Was sentenced January 15, 1999 and is serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole.

His name is Frank Allen Little and he had no known criminal record.

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Marie Beal