Marc Randall Bell
17 Years Old

October 19, 1980 to October 7, 1998

Our son, Marc Randall Bell was born to Randall and Nancy Bell on October 19, 1980. Marc has one sister, Bethany, now 26, two brothers, Jason, 23, and Michael, 17. He died on October 7, 1998 from severe head injuries that occurred on October 3, 1998.

Marc graduated from high school in June 98, and was attending college, taking accounting. Math, science and geography came easy for him.

Marc was planning on working for us part time. Sour business was in the process of being rebuilt, it was destroyed by a fire in 1995. Our children grew up in our store, so we were all looking forward to it's reopening. Marc never saw its completion. We reopened five weeks after he was killed. But at the age of 13, Marc could run our cheese counter all by himself (if he had to).

Marc's favorite season was fall. He liked rainy days. His favorite color was green. He liked being busy doing different things. He had (just the week before) put a new faucet in our bathroom. He liked yard work, taking care of cars.

From the time Marc was little, I always told him that he looked like Paul Newman - his picture was on the sauce and popcorn we bought. At that time, he didn't know he was a well known actor. Marc just thought he made sauce.

He loved our summer cabin and was planning (Summer, 1999) to spend time up there.

Marc always tried hard to please. He was extremely generous. Marc tried to help us see that things weren't as bad as we might think. He was dependable and trustworthy. Marc didn't smoke, do drugs, or drink, and he was only seventeen.

Marc liked to dress nice too and just the week before, his dad and I just looked at him in amazement as we both complimented him on how nice he looked.

There he was with dress pants, a dark shirt (tucked in), leather shoes, and carried a leather brief bag (a graduation gift). He looked 24 - maybe a young business man, a lawyer, not 17, going off to his accounting class.

His nickname, from us was Sparky Marky, because he had that spark in his eyes.

We love him and miss him so very much. Each day is a struggle for us. We also died that day. This is so hard! Marc, we love you.

His face
His beautiful face
We'll never
be able to touch again.
We'll never
be able
to hold his
To hug him, kiss him
Hear his voice.
We'll never
be able to


Car surfing - where a driver rides persons on the outside of a vehicle.

This was/this is preventable. Without a driver, there could be no accident , no death.

The driver, any driver, has an obligation, a responsibility to protect the passengers and or people, or things around them from foreseeable harm. To drive in a safe manner. Once a driver begins to operate the vehicle, all decisions become the sole responsibility of the driver.

The driver was charged with negligent homicide and has pleaded guilty to the charge.

The judge has not sentenced yet.

The driver was an acquaintance and was 17.

We hope, for Marc, this brings an awareness and through him others might live.

This was/this is preventable!

Negligent homicide in the state of Michigan is a misdemeanor. When you knowingly cause the death of someone, it should be a higher charge.

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Marc Bell