Lisa Marie Weaver
22 Years Old

June 5, 1965 to December 24, 1987

Lisa was born on a beautiful day, June 5, 1965. it was a very special day. After years of trying to conceive, we were finally expecting the birth of our beautiful baby girl.

We watched her grow year by year from a beautiful little girl to an exceptional young lady. She excelled in school and loved everything—sports, school, friends, winter sports as well as summer sports. Her summer favorites were swimming, sailing and water skiing. In the winter she turned to skiing in the mountains of Pennsylvania, snowmobiling in Maine, and just loving each season and what it had to offer. In school she was a cheerleader, and in high school she was on the kick line cheering for the football and basketball teams.

She was also a great dancer, took lessons for twelve years and she excelled in gymnastics. In fact she won first prize in a talent show. She came home with a T.V., but the real thrill was winning and the cheering of the crowd. Lisa loved music-she sang and danced along with her favorite artists. Some of her favorites were Pink Floyd, the Beatles and Chicago.

She also was a traveler. Some of the places she went to and loved were Pennsylvania, Maine, the Bahamas, New Hampshire, and Hawaii. Her frequent get away was to Montauk Point at the very end of Long Island. This was a place where she loved to bask in the sun and play in the ocean with the waves. She also loved all the restaurants and the little boutiques on the Montauk docks.

At the bat of an eye she was twenty-two years old and very much in love. We planned a wedding and this beautiful bride was married October 25, 1987. Eight weeks later, on Christmas Eve, the husband she loved so much and trusted so much murdered her.

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Lisa Marie Weaver