Lester "Bookey" Colvin, Jr.
22 Years Old

September 24, 1976 to May 28, 1999

Lester "Bookey" Colvin, Jr., born September 24, 1976 in Cleveland, Ohio, the only child born to Lester Sr. and Annette Colvin.

A jovial, easy going, loving person, he was nonjudgmental and always eager to lend a hand to help family and friends. Lester's friends and peers looked to him as a confidant, they found his advice to always be honest and sincere.

Lester enjoyed playing pool and hanging out with his cousins and friends. He also enjoyed good food and looked forward to Sunday dinners and family gatherings.

Starting to work at an early age, Lester's first job was a caddy at Oakwood Golf Course from 1989 to 1992. From 1992 to 1993, he was employed at R.H. Meyer Retirement Home. After graduating from Cleveland Heights High School in 1994, he went to work for Premier. From 1995 until his passing, Lester was a Sheet Metal Apprentice for Sheet Metal Workers Union Local 33, working at T.H. Martin Duct Systems.


Lester was killed on May 28, 1999, a victim of a robbery by two 19 year old males. Ralph Arnold and Gary Roberts were charged with his murder as well as another unrelated case of robbery and murder in the death of Marcus Thomas.

Ralph Arnold was charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated murder and felonious assault. He is presently serving a minimum life/maximum life with no parole sentence.

Gary Roberts was charged with voluntary manslaughter after a plea bargain. He is presently serving 26 straight years.

Lester's death has affected and changed our entire family lives forever. He is truly missed and forever loved.

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Lester Colvin