Lee Da'nae Laursen
21 Years Old

October 15, 1984 to November 4, 2005

I’m flying high almost reaching the sky. Sorry I never said good bye, but it was my turn to die. I feel like a dove soaring way above any kind of love. Don’t feel so bad I could have stayed on earth, but I think it could have only got worse.

By Lee Da’nae Laursen
Date unknown...found after her death

It is hard to believe after only 21 years our Lee Da’nae Laursen is gone, but her life was not short lived. In 21 years she lived and experienced more than most will given a much longer lifetime. Da’nae had relentless energy from start to finish. It all began with her very first step as a baby. After that first step she hit the ground running and never stopped, yet that is until she discovered her wings. She would not want us to paint her as perfect. Everyone has choices in life and she always chose the exciting path and if it was not exciting she definitely made sure to make it so!
She had the most beautiful brown eyes that you have ever seen. Eyes you could never say no to, which her parents rarely did. One passion of Da’nae’s was caring for children. She was a preschool teacher before she died. She especially loved caring for handicapped children, whom clung to her dearly. Da’nae had incredible patience for them and also the so called “bad kids”, whom she never saw as such and whom only received more of her love. When upset or sad they also could talk to Ms. Da’nae. She was also an excellent softball player. She was the catcher on her accelerated softball team. On weekends she loved to go dancing. She always looked gorgeous and could out dance anyone on the dance floor. Da’nae loved the outdoors including camping, four wheeling, and being with family and friends.
Lee Da’nae not only had an open mind but also an open heart. Color, religion, or background, none of that mattered to her. Da’nae had the most forgiving heart. Da’nae gave us hope. Da’nae brought us laughter.


Da’nae left us stronger. She brought us faith. She put our time on this earth into perspective as only temporary. We will meet again with our free spirited angel, Lee Da’nae Laursen, whom we dearly miss and love with all of our hearts.

Love, live, and fight like everyday may be your last. Lee Da’nae Laursen did right up to the end and so will we!

Here is another of Da’nae’s writings we found after the angels took her home.

I have a lot of pride with goals I want in life. I stand by what I feel is right and try to make the most of my short life.

By Lee Da’nae Laursen Date unknown...found after her death

Lee Da’nae Laursen’s case is not yet solved, but charges have been filed against Andre Dow. He had opportunity, motive, and the evidence against him is strong. The suspect is in prison and will be tried not only for her murder, but at least two others and also a number of various other charges.

If killed for her connections to the music world, police say it would make Lee Da’nae the fourth homicide victim in the series of crimes that span 3 states.

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