Larry Jaye Burnette, Jr.
18 Years Old

May 19, 1977 to August 6, 1995

Larry was a loving and very much loved person. He was very well liked by everyone, Larry had over four hundred people attend his funeral. He was the best brother. His younger brothers still talk about the things he taught them and the things they did together. Larry loved to play basketball and football. Larry was laid to rest in the cemetery where he played basketball and football with his friends. He attended a catholic grade school where he received several trophies for basketball and his art work. He loved to draw. Larry entered a contest to have his colored picture on the cover of a circus book and he won.

Larry loved kids and couldn’t wait to have his own. He would have been a good father. I know his life on earth would have been a good one, he was a very responsible person and I know his life in heaven is good too. He is still playing ball, drawing and being loved by everyone he meets. Every once in awhile, he comes and gives me a sign that he is okay and doing well.

Larry will never really die. He will always be with us.


Larry Burnette, Jr. was a victim of a drive-by-shooting on August 6, 1995. Out of the 4 people in the car at the time of the shooting, only 2 people were charged, the driver who was on probation and Larry Ellis, who allegedly pulled the trigger.

The two individuals that were not charged for Larry’s murder, ended up in prison for being involved in another shooting.

Larry Ellis was tried and found not guilty.

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Larry Burnette