Kevin Paul McGinley
21 Years Old

January 11, 1977 to February 13, 1998

Kevin was a very special and sincere person, to know him was to love him and everyone did. He had an ability to enjoy the smallest things in life that most people his age take for granted.

He started out life as a very shy boy but developed into a very friendly and outgoing young man. A huge part of his life revolved around his family, especially his young nephew Daniel, who he idolized and would spend as much time with as he could. Daniel grew up without his father but Kevin saw it as his mission in life to nurture and love his little nephew as if he were Daniel's big brother and father all rolled into one.

Kevin moved to Florida when he was 15 years old. This was a very hard thing to do for someone of his age, leaving behind all his friends and everything he knew to travel to a new country. To his credit he applied himself to his schooling and gradually met new friends: friends who came to trust and love him and knew they could rely on him through good times or bad, friendships that would last and grow.

The people who took Kevin's life so brutally also took the brightness from the life of everyone who treasured and adored this wonderful young man who lit up their lives with his presence. They tore from our lives a source of joy and happiness and took from Kevin a future filled with promise and good times. Holidays and special occassions are now days of sorrow, not joy, because our precious child is not here to share them with us. Our outside smiles hide our inside tears, our loss has overwhelmed us and we miss him so very much.

At this time of grief and loss we turned to the police for help and justice. What we received from them has charred our souls forever. Instead of bringing Kevin's killers to justice they have protected him. Instead of truth we get lies, instead of justice we got corruption and when we turned to the state authorities we got more deceit and cover-ups. The final minutes of our son's life was filled with terror, brutality and pain and the police and the authorities of Florida have continued to trample on our beloved son and inflict the same horror and torture into every passing days of our lives.

May God provide someone in the state of Florida with the decency, compassion and authority to end this living hell we endure, and provide our son with the justice he so rightly deserves.

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Kevin McGinley