Kellie Von Urquidy-Parry
23 Years Old

January 12, 1976 to October 22, 1999

Kellie had a smile that would light up a room and sense of humor that would make people belly laugh. She was a very intense girl with deep seated feelings. I would always think of her as an old soul. Kellie was a beautiful person inside and out. She was always there for her friends even when they weren't there for her.

I can remember when she was little how I would always worry that someone was going to steal her because she was so darned cute. People would always stop us on the street and tell me how beautiful she was. Woodsy Owl was her first favorite toy. She took Woodsy everywhere until she was 10 years old.

Kellie was so smart in school and really loved music, acting and dance as a child. As she grew into her teen years she began to act in the school plays and play the saxophone. She was so good and always got a standing ovation. How proud I was to be in those bleachers in the school gym and point and say "that's my daughter, isn't she great!" Kellie loved children and when she was in high school she was a latch key volunteer for one of the elementary schools in Reno. She would do this three days a week for over a year and not only that she always held a job while in school. She was the hardest worker.

On her sixteenth birthday we (her step father and I - she loved him very much) gave her a surprise birthday party and she received her first car. She was so surprised that she was totally speechless and just cried and cried. What a wonderful day that was. All of her buddies were there and I think that was one of the best days of her life.

The last days of Kellie's life was spent as a mother, a student at Truckee Meadows Community College, and a waitress at a restaurant in the Reno Hilton called Johny Rockets. She was studying to be an interior designer. A dream she worked so hard to come true. She did it all on her own without any help from anyone worried about her because she was doing so much all at once, taking a full class load, working full time and being a full time mother. She will never be able to see her dream come to fruition.

I always picture Kellie dancing among the clouds playing her saxophone while leading a little bunch of angel children - just like the Pied Piper and smiling at the children while they were laughing and dancing and having so much fun. This was my Kellie.

Kellie left behind a 3 1/2 year old son, Dylan Christopher Parry. He is a beautiful child and looks just like his mother - to a tee. She was a wonderful mother and I will always make sure he does not forget her.


On October 22, 1999, my only daughter, Kellie Von Urquidy-Parry, was murdered. Kellie was shot in the back (ripping her inside out) with a 50 caliber handgun at point blank range by a man named Branden Allen. After he shot my daughter, he left her bleeding on the floor, reloaded the gun, placed the bullet casing in his mouth, sat down and had a Pepsi. No remorse- nothing. Brandon Allen had been arrested numerous times for threatening people with a gun but had never served any time because of the way our definition of assault was written in Nevada law( I since went to the Nevada Legislature and was successful in changing the definition of that law).

Because of the nature of the crime, I was not allowed to go to the crime site nor see Kellie until five days after the murder, because her body was being held as "evidence". By the time I was allowed to see her, her body was in a box covered with a sheet so I wouldn't see her insides gone. Her skin was very, very cold and when I placed my hands on her body it felt like I was touching a candle.

Brandon Allen had been arrested for weapons numerous times, four of these times for pointing a gun at someone and never served any time because of the way the Nevada law was written! All of his guns had been taken out of his home because of his past and when he went to purchase the gun that he killed my daughter with, a 50 Caliber Desert Eagle, he couldn't buy it because of his record. Brandon Allen's mother went and bought it anyway for a birthday present to make him happy because he had been so depressed. Brandon was Kellie's first love in high school and he broke her heart then. Years later when she got involved with him again she had no idea what he had been up to since high school. Three weeks later after they rekindled their romance my daughter was dead.


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