Keith Allen Vith
32 Years Old

October 11, 1970 to October 15, 2002

Keith was a kind and thoughtful person. His passing has left many with a great sense of loss. He was an electrician and also remodeled homes. Keith just celebrated his 32nd birthday when he was shot and killed. He enjoyed family and friends around him. He was a member of the Grapevine Church. Keith stood firm on his belief in Jesus Christ. He would help you no matter what time of the day or night. His absence is seen in everyone who loved him. He had a hearty laugh and a warm smile. No one was a stranger with Keith. I know he’s in a better place. I know he walks with God and the angels on streets of gold.

Peace and love be yours always.

Mom, Mark, Dale, Misty


Keith was addicted to cocaine and the day of his murder we were to check him into a treatment center. On that morning he had a job he had to do. After the job, he called me at work and said he just finished and was going to put some money in my account. He must have had an urge to get one last fling on cocaine. So he stopped by these apartments in Dallas where something terrible went wrong with the transaction. One person (little C) was punching Keith from the passenger side. The whole time Keith was in his seat belt, with his back turned. The offender, Jamar Rashad Goodwin ran from a breezeway in the apartments and shot Keith in the shoulder blade with a 9 millimeter. His case came to trial 2 years after his murder, and he received 30 years. In 2017 he comes up for parole after only serving 15 years. My family and I will be there to see that he serves his complete sentence. He was 18 when he shot Keith. Jamar was arrested prior on drug charges. Jamar took a piece of my life that day, he silenced a part of our family forever.

Jamar Rashad Goodwin got off pretty light with only 30 years.

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Keith Allen Vith