Jorge Luis Acevedo "JR"
26 Years Old

April 23, 1986 to August 1, 2003

Jorge Luis Acevedo Jr. better known to friends and family as J.R. was the type of person that lit up any room he walked into. J.R. was genuine in the way he loved people and he was not shy in expressing his love and appreciation for them. This is one of many reasons why his death was and still is hard for those who knew him best. We have a lot of family traditions within our home. Whenever J.R. was the first person awake in the house he would go up to them and give them a kiss. At least that is what the receiver though they were getting, a wake up kiss, but no they weren’t. J.R. would instead lick the side of their face and run away laughing. He was a character! He was funny too and gregarious so when he walked into a room people knew he was there. Even when he wasn’t trying to be funny, he was. He made a lot of funny facial expressions. For example, J.R. wore glasses for a long time. When he was being lazy and didn’t want to push his glasses up his nose with his finger because they were sliding off, he would wiggle his nose until his glasses sat in place. He was also good at making people feel like they were important when in his presence. He would listen intently to what they had to say. He didn’t always offer advice, but he always gave hugs.

He was also very athletic. He played baseball, football, and basketball. He was best at baseball and took the sport seriously. He stopped playing baseball when he reached high school because he found a job and liked the taste of having money. He wanted to buy a car so he stopped playing sports and worked more to save money for a car. He worked part-time at Chef Alan’s American Bistro, a local restaurant in Reading, PA. J.R. was the pizza boy, and it was there that his love for cooking began. J.R. had decided that he was going to further his education at a culinary arts school, unfortunately he never made it to his senior year of high school. J.R. passed away the summer before his senior year at Reading High School.


J.R. was killed by a drunk driver on August 1, 2003 at approximately 3:00 a.m. He died immediately on impact. The accident took place on River Road, which is a few blocks from our home. Luckily, my family and I travel on that road on rare occasions, if ever. The driver, Keith Price, had just recently turned 21 years old and his blood alcohol content (BAC) on the day of the accident was a .08. Price was convicted on January , 2004 of Vehicular Homicide and Driving while under the Influence. Price served two of his three year sentence at the State Correctional Institution at Chester. Because of his good behavior, he will be leaving that institution and placed in a Pre-released Program where he will serve the last year of his sentence. J.R. died the summer before his senior year of high school. He was 17 years old and had plans of furthering his education by attending a culinary arts school.

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Jorge Luis Acevedo