Jonathan andrew Morris
4 Years Old

October 6, 1998 to December 21, 2002

Johnathan Andrew Morris, had just turned 4 years old on 10-6-2002, before his father shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

He loved to clean house and fold clothes because that was what his Mom did. He also loved to work in the yard and had a toy lawnmower because that was what his Dad did. He wanted to play soccer because that was what his brother did. He even had his own soccer shoes and was planning on starting in the Spring. He was our athlete, always running, jumping, throwing balls, doing somersaults. His favorite movie was Hatari and his favorite animal was the Rhino. He had rhinos on his fourth birthday cake. He loved his family and their pets. They had one dog and two cats. He was so looking forward to being a big brother. He brought us much joy and we miss him terribly!


Renee Lynn Morris and seven-month fetus Noah Daniel were brutally murdered on December 21, 2002, along with Bryant, Alexis, and Johnathan, by Edward Morris, her husband and father of the children. The crime was pre-meditated and he enlisted the help of Renee’s Mother and Renee’s best friend Shannon to help with the surprise trip to the coast. Surprise trips were frequent in their family for special occasions, so Edward’s actions were a total surprise to everyone who knew him. He was evaluated twice at the Oregon State Hospital and found sane. He is serving four consecutive life sentences in Oregon, with no appeals or paroles, due to a plea bargain agreement.

The family gratefully acknowledges the support, cooperation, communication, and tireless efforts of the Portland Chapter of POMC, the Oregon State Police, and Portland FBI, the Tillamook County Sheriff and staff, the District Attorney and his staff of Tillamook County, the Portland Police, our family and friends and especially other survivors!

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Jonathan andrew   Morris