John Paul Most
13 Years Old

September 29, 1968 to September 19, 1982

John Paul was a handsome and loving boy who loved to draw and joke around. He was amidextrious, being a very talented boy who liked to show-off to people that he could use both of his hands to do anything. People were just amazed on the things he could do with both of his hands.

John Paul was an utmost artist . He loved to draw and go to art galleries. His dream was to be a talented respected artist when he grew up.

Everyone who knew John Paul loved him for the respect he had for our country. He loved the American flag. I (Elizabeth) remember taking him to a yard sale and John came across an American flag. He asked me if he could buy it. I asked him “Why?” He then turned to me and said “Mom, there’s two reasons why...first is that it’s only a dollar and the second reason is because I love flags and I love our nation.”


My son John Paul was murdered by a man named Burk. Burk was released from a mental hospital on a work release program.

On the day of the murder (September 19, 1982) of my son John, he had gone to the state fair. I bought John a hat and he bought me one. I told John that I had to bring him back to the bus so he could get back to his foster family.

I arrived home hours later and received a call from the foster family asking me where John was at...I told them he should be home with them. They replied that John had run away. I told them they better hurry and find him as I was doing my best and making phone calls to places where he might have gone. No one knew the whereabouts of John.

All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. There was this man, telling me he was from the coroner’s office and he mentioned my son’s name. I followed him to where I had to identify the was my son. I was numb and did not know how to feel...but the loss of a sweet little angel that was mine...and now he is gone in God’s Hands. I will never forget that day.

I learned that after Burk murdered my son, he went back to the halfway house and told them that he just committed murder of a teenage boy. The halfway house called the police and Burk was arrested immediately. Burk went to court on the murder. He lives in a mental hospital and will be there for the rest of his life. He will never get out, even on “good behavior.”

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John Most