Jessica Ariana Trimmer
28 Years Old

October 12, 1977 to November 25, 2005

Jessica Trimmer’s name was inspired by the beautiful instrumental “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers, when that name was unique. Her birthday was shared with her beloved grandmother. She quickly found ways out of her crib, and was walking at eight months and talking like an adult soon thereafter. It was as though she was too impatient to wait for her body to catch up to her mind’s ambitions. As a little girl, Jessica was beautiful, brilliant, delightful and full of mischief. She made friends easily and was a joy to be around. She was compassionate and caring, and everyone in her life felt her love. She exhibited extraordinary intelligence, insight, and an intense lust for life. Her nurturing spirit was evident early, as she watched over and cared for her sister Corissa.

While growing up, she shared in her parents’ dream of living in Paris. She fit into that scene perfectly like a supermodel or rock star as she blossomed through her teens. Jessica’s favorite place was the Champs Elysees, a broad avenue lined with trees and famous stores. There, she first began to express her love for music, which would thereafter be an incredibly important part of her life. She surrounded herself with music, and strived constantly to be where it was being played. She later had a radio show on the high school’s FM station. Jessica also possessed a great mechanical talent and an uncanny intuitive troubleshooting ability. She could fix almost anything, working on her first car, an Audi that was always losing its muffler, by herself when she was 18.

After high school, Jessica was briefly married and then began the long-term relationship that would eventually take her away forever. Her delightful son, Nathan, was born in 1998 and her wonderful daughter, Samantha, in 2000. Her children immediately became the center of her universe. She did everything she could to give them what they needed and wanted, and to protect them from harm. She loved taking care of them and will always love and watch over them. Instead of simply creating a great piece of art or inventing a machine that could perform miracles, Jessica chose to apply her special character and love of people by hand-delivering her grace to everyone she met through her difficult job as a waitress. This was her way of nurturing others by personally delivering food prepared to perfection with her uniquely personal touch. Her greatest pleasure was in serving others with that beautiful smile and in the smiles she received in return. Just before her death, she received an award from an emphatic customer who proclaimed that she was by far the best waitress who ever served his family.
Jessica was always the most beautiful girl in the room, the person everyone wanted as a friend. She devoted her life to making others happy, and everyone whose life she touched remembers her with love and kindness and shares the sorrow of our loss.


Jessica was run over by a pickup truck driven by her boyfriend on November 25, 2005 in London, KY. There were no witnesses; he has claimed it was an accident. The incident occurred during an ongoing argument as she was fleeing the volatile relationship alone and on foot. Her boyfriend called his father to the scene, rather than 911, the pair delivered Jessica to the hospital and then disappeared while the ER staff tried in vain to save her life. Son and father were interrogated, but released. The case was referred to the Kentucky Major Crimes Task Force, as this was obviously a suspicious domestic violence related fatality. The investigation remains open.

Jessica’s boyfriend never worked nor supported the children he claims are his and has never proven that he is their natural father. Jessica was married to someone else when both children were born. Jessica’s parents knew her boyfriend as a liar, con man and thief, meeting all seven criteria of a clinical sociopath.

By the time Jessica determined that the only way to get out of the relationship in which the domestic violence was escalating was to leave, it was too late. She did not escape Safely, having no car or phone and living in a secluded area.

Her boyfriend remains unemployed and is currently living off Jessica’s children’s Social Security survivorship benefits that are paid to him as their guardian. He has these government funds available to him only because he ended Jessica’s life.

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Jessica Trimmer