Jennifer Luise Still
"Jenny Benny"

20 Years Old

July 4, 1979 to July 6, 1999

The day my daughter was born was warm and sunny. She was a happy, inquisitive child with a beautiful smile and her grandmother’s blue eyes.

Jenn loved animals, all kinds of animals, especially cats. We had two stray kittens that she named Ariel and Sebastian (from the movie “The Little Mermaid”). Her own favorite pet was her Golden Hamster, “Hammy”. Thanks to her loving care, Hammy lived to be three years old.

My daughter grew up to be a kind and loving person. She would not hurt a fly. Her favorite color was purple. She loved flowers, especially dark red roses with babies’ breath and pansies. She said the pansies looked like little people, with tiny little faces.

As she grew up, Jenn discovered a love of music and the theatre. We went to see “The Phantom of The Opera” several times; at each performance we cried. She also loved the musical “Cats.” She had a great interest in all kinds of music. One of her favorite actors/singers was Michael Crawford.

We went back to England for a brief vacation in 1993. She had a wonderful time; there are many happy memories of that trip. She was able to visit her birthplace and experience her English heritage first hand. I will be eternally grateful that we had that time together.

Jenn’s favorite foods were: anything with rice, chicken nuggets, French fries and ANYTHING CHOCOLATE!!! She loved her choccy, no matter what form it took, cake, candy, milkshakes, ice cream. When we went to England she brought back just about every type of choccy bar she could find!!

She loved watching movies, even old (classic) movies. Some of her favorites were: “The Women’, “White Christmas”, “The Muppet Christmas Carol” and “The Little Mermaid.”

Jenn loved to play “Monopoly” and “Scrabble.” We also played card games around the kitchen table.

My daughter wrote such wonderful poetry. The depth of feeling she could portray with words was amazing. Her writings were incredible for someone her age. The words seemed to just flow from her!

How do you fit a lifetime of memories and love into so small a space?

Jenn was a bright, friendly, loving, caring girl I, am proud to call my daughter.


Jenn was brutally murdered in the Bridgeport, Pennsylvania. In the apartment she shared with her boyfriend, Kevin. Kevin found her body upon returning home from work on Tuesday, July 6, 1999. I arrived a little later in the evening to find police tape around the apartment and was refused admittance without being told why. I found out what had happened to my daughter shortly after my arrival, when detectives took me to Bridgeport Police Station. Jenn died from having her throat slit and from multiple stab wounds.

It is nearly five years since she was murdered. The case remains open. DNA testing was done, both myself (her mother) and her boyfriend were tested and cleared. DNA was found but there has as yet been a match. There are suspects but no arrests have been made yet.

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