Jeffery Allen Ola
35 Years Old

September 2, 1965 to Jan 6, 2001

Hello, My name is Jeffery Allen Ola, I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Early in my childhood I moved to Centerville, Tennnesse, Hickman County. I have my mother Georgie King, step-dad Wayne King, brother Gary Ola, sister Cathy Ola, here is my life.

As a teen ager I dropped out of school in the eighth grade as some teens tend to do. I thought working and having my own money was more important. Soon to find out I wanted my education. I never practiced for my G.E.D. One day I decided I would try to test just to see how I would score, imagine this I passed with honors. Soon after, I was even asked to help instruct the G.E.D. class, at this time I was working as a mechanic. I wanted more than this though, my little brother Gary was working as an EMT for the ambulance service in our town, I found that interesting, I thought I would test my luck again. Myself and my little sister went and signed up for the EMT class in Columbia, Tenn. I went to work as an EMT. Also, not long after I wanted to expand my career, so I applied for my paramedic course also. I loved my job, enjoyed helping others always.

I'm a very good hearted person, would help a stranger in need. I'm a big man with a very big heart. I have never ending love for my family and friends as well. I have two children of my own a girl, Christian Leoma Ola, boy, Cody Ray Ola, I love my children dearly. So many times in life when asked, what I wanted out of my life? My reply was a happy family, steady job, and someone could love me as much as I could them. I just wanted to be happy and everyone around me to be as happy, tried so hard in my life to please everyone. I managed in my life time on this earth to succeed in many ways, I was an EMT, then a paramedic, I became a private pilot, had two loving children, a beautiful home, a lovely mother, brother, and a sister, a great job, many friends, too numerous to mention. As you can remember me saying I have a heart as big as Texas, guess what?

I never had a wife to love me as I did her, my children's mother and I seperated after a few years. Soon I remarried to someone I thought hung the moon. I loved her more than I loved life itself. A few years into our marriage I began to see it was one sided, still I loved her, more than ever.


Now I must tell you a sad story. I was murdered and shot down in my very own front yard, shot nine times to be exact. While on the cell phone with my mother, my last words ever to my mother was "my God mother I've been shot." My murder happened on January 6, 2001, to this very day it has not been solved yet. I didn't mean to drop off the subject of my wife, I hope before too long my family will be able to tell you the rest of this story, and of my wife also!!

I am buried in Memory Gardens in Centerville Tennessee, if a grave should be beautiful, I must say I have the most beautiful one there, Thanks Mom, Gary and Cathy for a job well done.

I have a reward out for any information leading to arrest, or conviction for my murder, any information any one has big or small would greatly be appreciated. You'll never know how bad an incident such as this hurts a family member til you have experienced such a loss as this. Please call Centerville, Tennessee police department,@729-5146 if you have any information about this. What may seem only a few minutes to you, could mean a lifetime to my family, please help convict my cold hearted killers.

Thanks for taking time to read a page in my life.

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Jeffery Allen Ola