James B. Long
69 Years Old

August 17, 1926 to July 9, 1996

Zelma L. Long
67 Years Old

November 6, 1928 to July 9, 1996

James and Zelma Long were married forty-nine years. They were living their retirement years in the same house they lived in all their married life. It was an ordinary white house, a rambling affair, added on to throughout the years as the number of their children increased. They were parents to seven children: James Paul, Linda, William, Angela, Martin, Christine, and Laura. They were grandparents to fifteen, one being born after their murders. They were great-grandparents to six, and four born since their deaths. How we wish they could be there to rejoice in these happy events. For Jim and Zelma, nothing was more important than family.
Zelma Long was prom queen of her graduating class of 1946. James had quit school to join the service during WWII. Upon release from the service, he married his sweetheart. (After their deaths we found a drawer full of letters the two of them exchanged during the war. Every letter was signed, ”Always and Forever.”) Zelma went to night school to become a teacher. She retired in 1989 with over thirty years to her credit.
Jim enjoyed gardening all his life. He owned a gas station near their home for many years. Most of all they loved going to their summer home at Lake of the Ozarks. Every weekend some of their children, grandchildren and friends came to fish. They loved to go fishing and compete– who could catch the most, the biggest., etc. They were well known in their cove for their holiday fish fries.
It is said that couples whose souls are so intertwined with love often die together. If this is so, Jim and Zelma will be together as in their long ago love letters, “Always and Forever.” We love Lim and Zelma and miss them every day, as do all their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and friends. It is a shame we live in a society where one word-murder is becoming familiar to more and more families everyday. We thought no one had ever suffered the pain we had, but farther down this road we travel, we find it is a path frequented by many unfortunately.


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James and Zelma