James Webb
31 Years Old

October 14, 1965 to December 26, 1996

Jim was born October 14, 1965. he was always a great joy to his parents Tom and Theresa Webb. He loved sports. He was a good son. He had two brothers, Tom and Michael, and a sister, Patti Ann. He graduated from Sun Valley High School. He received a trophy for his accomplishments in the Home Economics Class. He married Robin, his high school sweetheart and had two lovely children, Kevin, now 13, and Ashley, now 7. He was a loving husband and caring father.

He became a chef directly out of high school. He had a dream of owning a fine dining establishment. He had great success as an apprentice chef and learned very quickly. He had a flare for cooking and trying all dishes. His attempts and successes at dishes were boundless. His specialty was buffalo venison and inventive ways with seafood. He became part owner and executive chef of the award-winning American Bistro. He had many good reviews, acclaims and awards at the Bistro. In October, 1995, he became part owner and Executive Chef of the historical General Wayne Inn in Lower Merion, PA. He was a hard worker and a perfectionist when it came to cooking. He was a natural. He had a passion for excellence in every dish he prepared.


He was in a third floor office of the Inn alone after a day in the kitchen when his dreams and life ended in the evening of December 26, 1996. He was found the morning of December 27, 1996 by his partner, Guy Sileo, with a single gunshot wound to the back of his head. His life over, his dreams ended, taken by a coward with a gun.

My son, James E. Webb, (Jimmy), age 31, was found lying on his office floor with a gun shot wound to the back of his head. No robbery or forced entry was evident. He was found the morning of December 27, 1996 by his partner, Guy Sileo. He was killed somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00 pm the previous evening.

He was found in the third floor office of the General Wayne Inn, Lower Merion, Pennsylvania. He was part owner and executive chef at the Inn.

No one has been charged at this point with his murder. According to the Montgomery County's District Attorney Office, Guy Sileo is the prime suspect.

Guy Sileo has been charged with perjury (lying to the Grand Jury about a gun he owned) and convicted in October, 1998. He is out on bail at this time, awaiting the verdict of his appeal, which was heard July 28, 1999 in front of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

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James Webb