James Randall Roe
29 Years Old

January 18, 1975 to December 6, 2003

Randall loved life.

Being skilled at golf, Randall also loved to snow ski, play baseball, football and basketball. He was a caring older brother and tried to be a good male role model to his sister and brother...they thought the world of their “Bubba.”

When Randall was five, his father and I divorced. His father was an active part of his life. He resided in Brownsville, Texas.

Randall had been in school in Bend, Oregon for about four years. He was going to Culinary Arts School to become a Chef. He was living a good life and wanted so much from life.

Randall came to Cartersville, Georgia and would not go back to Bend, Oregon. He became involved in the horrible world of drugs. He fought with his addiction for a while.

Randall had a lot of acquaintances but not real friends. He had difficulty “fitting-in” with his peers. He ran with troublemakers and dope-users. Randall was raised by his dysfunctional mom. We were from a small town and were wealthy so it was hard for him.

Randall battled with the disease of addiction. He did not want that life but it got him every time. He fought with the ugliness and confusion from the usage of drugs for many years. His fight is now over...he is at peace in Heaven. This is what keeps me sane. My life feels so crazy and not right. I battle with the rollercoaster emotions of guilt, anger and sadness.

I miss Randall’s smile, his kindness, his warmth and compassion.

Randall is the lucky one. He is not here on this ugly earth anymore. I know I will be with him again one day. I love and miss him so much…


Randall had gotten into his drug world again. He was trying to get out of it to become someone successful.

Randall was with a so-called drug friend and had been using meth and downers all day and night. He began to shoot the meth and both of them overdosed. The other boy wigged-out and thought Randall was the law so he held him hostage with a sawed-off shotgun, abusing him with it for hours.

He had my son get in his car with the gun to his neck. My son was tortured.

The boy shot Randall’s head off.

Randall did not deserve this at all. He was not a mean person. There is no excuse for it. I do not care how high the guy was, my son did not deserve to die.

The boy freaked. He left my son in the car on a back alley in the town where we live. He was not found until the next day.

The guy is incarcerated in the county jail. We go to trial in June. It will finally be over for him.

Reliving this all over again is going to be a horrible nightmare.

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