Jamee Lou O'Shasky
23 Years Old

September 28, 1974 to May 25, 1998

Jamee Lou O'Shasky was born on September 28, 1974 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Blonde hair and blue eyes, she was very beautiful. Jamee was born the second child of a family of nine children. She grew up "Daddy's Little Girl". While growing up, Jamee and her younger and only sister Jenna enjoyed ballet, tap dance and gymnastics together. Jamee went to a small catholic grade school, graduating 8th grade from there. She then went to a catholic high school. While there she enjoyed Pom Pom. She was on the Pom Pom squad all four years of high school. During her junior year of high school Jamee's sister was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. It was a very sad and a difficult time for our family. Jamee became like a second mom to her younger brothers. Along with her older brother, Jamee tried to fill the void of mom and dad with them while we spent many weeks with Jenna in the hospital. Jenna lived only 7 months with Leukemia. She relapsed shortly after her bone marrow transplant. Jamee was an angel in her faith and courage during that time helping others through the sadness. It was during Jenna's illness that Jamee became dedicated to becoming a Registered Nurse. Jamee went to college after graduating for nearly 3 years. She came home often because she was homesick and missed everyone so much. She finally decided to finish her nursing studies at a technical college near home. Even after she moved into her own apartment, she spent weekends back home and had her brothers over often. She came to every activity they had. A caring and nurturing soul, Jamee put the needs of others first. She was a single mother, a full time student, and worked at two jobs. Jamee did her clinical studies at an area nursing home. Her patients were important to her. They were someone's parents, grandparents and family. Members would say "She tended to their needs with insight and empathy. Always gentle, always attentive." Everyone who knew Jamee commented on her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes and her devotion to her family. No where were these three things more evident than when she held or talked about her baby boy Tanner. He was the center of her world. Jamee's hopes and dreams for the future became stronger because she had Tanner in her life. Jamee's future was bright and dedicated to serving others. Jamee would have graduated December 21, 1998 as a registered nurse. Jamee's death is a loss to all those who knew her and to those whose lives she would have touched in the years ahead. Jamee was only 23 years old.


On Memorial Day night, May 25, 1998, Travis Diercks, Jamee's ex-boyfriend and father of her baby boy Tanner, broke into her apartment. She called us, her parents, at 11:34 p.m., then hung up and called 911. She was yelling that Travis was coming to take Tanner away. Jamee was on the phone with 911 when Travis pulled the telephone out of the wall, disconnecting her from the police. When the first officer arrived on the scene, he saw Jamee by the kitchen/living room area. He also saw Travis Diercks. The officer stated that Travis aimed the gun at Jamee and pulled the trigger, but the gun misfired. Then Travis turned and pointed the gun at the officer and attempted to fire, but the gun didn't go off. The officer ran back down the stairs. When the officer ran out, the detectives think that is when Jamee took Tanner and ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Travis kicked the bathroom door down and shot Tanner twice, killing him. Then Travis shot Jamee twice, killing her.

According to the coroner's report, they died instantly from the head wounds. Travis Diercks then shot and killed himself. He left a several page suicide letter for his family. Jamee died holding Tanner in her arms. She had a restraining order injunction against Travis. She believed he violated that restraining order several times, law enforcement didn't agree.

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Jamee Lou