Inga Irene Klinger
16 Years Old

October 26, 1983 to February 12, 2000

Inga was a beautiful girl. A gentle, kind person. She loved small children and they loved her in return. She was a great babysitter.

She enjoyed snowboarding and cosmetology. She was a natural at hair cutting. She was highly intelligent. She was going on to college earlier than her peers. She was a gifted artist. She loved to paint. Her handwriting was beautiful. She liked leather coats.

She had a part time job throughout her teen years. She was very determined and responsible.

Everyone she met knew her as a sweet girl. She like pizza, chocolate dessert and cherries.

Her favorite flowers were roses. She liked tigers and butterflies. She had a monarch butterfly tattoo on her upper back. She was so happy when she got it. It's meaning the transformation of the sour leaving the body which has great significance to us now. She came back to us as a butterfly six weeks after her murder, when snow was still here. The butterfly, a monarch, fluttered into the house for us to see her and feel her presence - her gift to us.

She has left behind two brothers, a sister, mother and father who miss her greatly and love her so much.


Inga Irene Klinger was murdered February 12, 2000. Her murderer is Stanley Newego, a 20 year old man whom Inga knew very little. He lead her to a place for her to make a phone call. He wanted sex. She refused. So he stabbed her with a butcher knife 24 times in the throat, liver, lung, and heart. Her face and hands were cut from her trying to defend herself. Finally breaking the knife tip off in her skull, Stanley then raped her and then discarded her body in the garbage area.

Her murderer was arrested the same day and confessed. He was sentenced to life without parole three months after the murder.

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Inga Klinger